Winter fruits one can add in the basket

Winter is in full bloom now and the best part of this season is that, one is spoilt with abundance of food choices. In this cold weather one can get to see a great availability of different varieties of vegetables and fruits. Both of these are nutrition powerhouses and one can thus have healthy food throughout the season which is tasty at the same time. From leafy greens to cruciferous vegetables, peanuts, sweet potatoes and vibrant fruits, all are available during the winters.

Winter is also the season where one has the highest chance of catching a cold and other immunity related diseases. But if one can keep a fresh fruit in their daily diet, then they can fight away the bacterial and virus attacks quite easily. Fruits are a very vital part in forming one’s immunity system because it provides the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. During winter, one can think of sending corporate fruit baskets to their employees if they want to see them stay in good health. Here are the fruits which they must add to those baskets:


This is essentially a winter fruit. It is available abundantly during winter season. Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C which helps the skin to remain healthy. It improves the oral health of an individual and also plays a great role in strengthening the immunity of a person. As it has been mentioned above that getting infected is really common during winters, adding oranges to one’s daily diet can be of super help. It also has dietary fibres which are good for stomach. One can have fresh orange juice in the morning or any time of the day to curb their sudden pangs of hunger.


This is another great winter season fruit. They are loaded with dietary fibre which helps in improving the digestion system and keeps the body healthy. Guavas are rich in folate which can also help in improving the fertility rate of an individual. They are great for thyroid glands and helps in treating the imbalance. Having guava as a snack is a great way to get benefits and curb hunger at the same time.


There are various kinds of grapes available in winter. They are rich with various anti oxidants and one can keep the skin and eyes healthy by having them on a daily basis. It is also a great idea to add this fruit to a regular diet of an elderly person.


Pomegranate is another fruit which one can easily consume in winter. This fruit is rich in fibre and also helps in improving the digestion system. This fruit is also known to be great for the heart. It can reduce the inflammation in the body and other kind of disorders.


This is not particularly a winter fruit because it is available throughout the year. It is rich in nutrients and other things like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and others which make it a perfect mid day snack or a great breakfast option.

One can add all these fruits to their corporate fruit basket before sending.

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