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Why Using Double Decker Bed In Small Bedrooms Is A Great Idea?

Perhaps you’re thinking about continuing the tradition for your own little minions if your childhood memories include building double decker bed forts and space ships, having storytelling marathons with your siblings every night, and intergalactic battles for control of the upper realm of the bunk bed empire. Or perhaps you have a small space and are simply looking for a workable way to organise yourself and/or your children while saving some space. In either case, the bunk bed is a timeless, cutting-edge, and adaptable piece of furniture that has more uses than apparent, both for children and adults.


The Race In Space


The most practical adult justification for buying a bunk bed is to gain an advantage in the “space race” when you find yourself at odds with the basic laws of physics, especially when you have one too few bedrooms for your home crew. However, your little boy may prefer to see his bunk bed as his best escape route into space.


Making the most of our space and setting priorities are issues that we all face to some extent. Getting your kids to coexist in the same space while still allowing them to play on the floor with all their annoying toys that would otherwise end up in the living room… The bunk bed is just one of the most obvious and simple ways to gain some ground by utilising vertical space, such as fitting your bed, your workspace, and your piano into your bedroom (because, we get it, you can’t face the rest of the family’s critical take on your rendition of Greensleaves).


Bunk bed ties


Space-saving is just one of the many reasons bunk beds are a good idea for children’s rooms. There are numerous social, interpersonal, and psychological advantages to living in a dorm. Siblings who live together have a valuable opportunity to develop the fundamental social skills that parents wish they could simply “install” on their children’s brains, such as sharing, accepting others’ differences, and being considerate of others’ needs. It also facilitates the change from relying solely on parents for comfort to learning to develop friendships and find support in other relationships.


However, there’s something about bunk beds that gives kids the impression that they’re in their own world, where they can share secrets and inspire each other’s imagination, adding an extra layer of childhood bonding. While sharing a room can undoubtedly foster this type of environment, bunk beds have a special appeal for kids.


Even though they must share the rest of the room, giving each child a bunk of their own gives them a separate, private area to call their own. By installing a light on each bunk, you can also set separate bedtimes if necessary. This eliminates the concern that big sister’s late-night Harry Potter reading will disturb little Jonny’s sleep schedule.


Bunk beds aren’t just for situations involving siblings, either. When it’s time for a sleepover, there’s no need to give up the living room or risk rupturing an artery trying to blow up the inflatable mattress. Any kid will love having a bunk to turn into their own private kingdom.


Securing your bundles


Of course, safety is the main issue that parents have with bunk beds. If you’ve ever had one of those “falling” dreams come true in the middle of the night, you’ll probably agree that the worry is legitimate…but controllable. Nowadays, safety concerns are much more widely discussed, and modern bunk beds (at least those of higher quality) are created with safety in mind.


Parents are advised to install safety rails on both sides of the bed if they are not already there and to avoid letting children under the age of six sleep on the top bunk. Although a strong frame will stop any rocking, if this is a concern, just make sure the bunk is firmly fastened to the wall. Don’t forget to consider both the larger details, such as the proximity of the ceiling fan, as well as the smaller ones, such as a nightlight to make it easier to navigate ladders or steps.


A lot more than just a bed


When little ones’ imaginations are at work, a bunk bed can serve many different purposes. However, it can also be very beneficial to both the developing and adult varieties. The main concept of maximising vertical space by having two (or even three) beds in one has already been mentioned. But the idea of multipurpose or combo bunk beds, which include shelving, desk space, and other cool storage options, takes things to a whole new level. Mid-level bunk beds come with built-in or DIY trundle beds, under-bed storage, and awesome hide-and-seek spots even in more conventional designs.


Bunk beds are incredibly adaptable. When one of your children decides they’ve outgrown their bunk, you can easily convert the unoccupied level into a useful storage area, play area, or workspace. Many conventional bunk beds can also be disassembled, allowing you to convert them to single beds if that turns out to be more practical.


Make a space feel like a getaway (or at least the next best thing)


How frequently do we have the opportunity to escape our hectic work, school, study, and homemaking schedules? Your children can experience indoor camping with a bunk bed, giving them a sense of privacy. Similarly, an adult bunk bed or loft bed could benefit you. Who said bunk beds were only for children? Some of the contemporary, fashionable, and inventive designs that are available may astound you and inspire the inner adventurer in you. Since, let’s face it, maturing is for the birds!


Start your bunk bed journey with Lenchong. Browse our selection of high-quality bedroom furniture online or in person to find pieces that will complement your family, your needs, and your sense of style.


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