Why Should You Buy a Used Car from a Dealer?

Buy a Used Car

When you want to sell your old car or buy a used car in good condition, transacting with a certified motor dealership is safe. Here are the top reasons that tell you why you should buy a used car from a car dealership.

One-Stop Destination

Certified motor dealers help make purchasing and selling used cars a breeze. They offer various services, such as assisting with vehicle finance and insurance and helping you shield your vehicle with paint protection and rust protection coating, and adding the right accessories to suit your particular needs.

Specialist Vehicle Advice

Vehicle salespeople are car specialists and can offer expert advice for your vehicle purchase per your needs and budget. Today, sales staff focus on building healthy customer relationships with buyers for the long term.

Workshop Inspections

The number one priority of established certified dealers in their local community is to guard their reputation. So they will hand over all used vehicles to workshop inspections before they can offer them for sale. Most dealers will either send sub-standard used cars to the auction or wholesale and will not put them for sale to an end consumer. When a dealer sells a vehicle, he will also want to guard his reputation and would not want to have an unhappy customer.

Facilitate Vehicle Trade-In

Usually, used car dealerships facilitate vehicle trade-ins, letting you sell your old car and drive out with a brand new or used car of your choice on the same day. Many car dealerships will be willing to pay the best price for your trade-in vehicle, especially if the model is popular and in excellent condition.

After Sales Service

All vehicle franchise dealers and specialist used car dealers provide workshop and servicing facilities and spare parts to keep your car running in top condition after the car sale and delivery.


A dealer will have a variety of car brands and models in one location for you to test drive. Furthermore, they can arrange to bring the 4-wheeler to your home or office for a test drive.

Code of Ethics

Most vehicle dealers are also members of the Motor Traders’ Association in their state. Dealers who are members follow a strict code of ethics to function within their business.

Assured Vehicle Title

Purchasing a vehicle from a certified vehicle dealer will keep you worry-free, as you will get a guaranteed vehicle title. The vehicle dealer is responsible for clearing any finance dues on the used vehicle by its previous owner.


Most of the personal (non-commercial) vehicles that are less than ten years of age and clock less than 150,000 kilometers that you buy from a certified motor dealer get a statutory warranty. However, from state to state, the terms and conditions of this warranty can differ.

Furthermore, many certified vehicle dealers can help with extended warranties for your vehicle purchase for up to 5 years from vehicle purchase and delivery date. Nonetheless, a used car warranty comes at an extra cost, but an astute buyer knows how to negotiate to include them in a deal.

The Bottom Line

Buying a used 4-wheeler from a certified motor dealership is a hassle-free process, and you get the used car in good running condition at the best price with ownership title and warranty. Also, they facilitate trading in or selling your old car for the best value.

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