Why Choose WooCommerce For Ecommerce Store

In the tech-savvy world we live in, thousands of new ecommerce businesses are being introduced every year, and new retailers have dozens of options when it comes to picking a platform for them.

The first step towards an Ecommerce store demands to choose a hosted platform from among the viable options present over the web.

The development services of WooCommerce have made this platform become super friendly for starters and provide them a combo of incredible power, flexibility, and features.

Having said that, our splendid WooCommerce development services have led WooCommerce to be used on about 2.3 million ecommerce stores around the world.

Why not Shopify? Why not any self-hosted application like Magento? – and other queries you have in mind would be cleared once you go through the guide below.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to use WooCommerce for your Ecommerce store. 

  • Comes with affordable pricing 

Whenever a new retailer chooses a platform, the only significant factor that tends to behold him is the pricing. Ecommerce applications may range from being accessible to many thousand dollars per year. However, the pricing doesn’t define the capability of any of the ecommerce applications.

Thus, the free first and bold reason for giving WooCommerce an upper hand over other applications is that it comes for free.

Though WooCommerce tends to be competitive with other applications, its free factor is the one that has caught the eye of many business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world.

With choosing WooCommerce, there’s no need to get committed to expensive support contracts or proprietary software licenses – cause it is all available for free! 

  • Gives full ownership of your Ecommerce store 

This might sound absurd to you, but you need to realize the fact that e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Squarespace give you a website as a service. But this isn’t the case with WooCommerce.

In WooCommerce, your website becomes your intellectual property. This simply means that you can actually own your website. You will have the opportunity to build your website just the way you want to sell whatever you like on your website, without any restrictions.

What serves as the cherry on top is that every data that you have on your ecommerce store is private and totally belongs to you.  

  • Super SEO-friendly

According to the Search Engine experts worldwide, they have declared WooCommerce to be the best platform that can be utilized for search engine optimization practices. 

You need to know that around seventy percent of the traffic that you may receive on your WooCommerce store comes from google. Google is a resource that is totally dependent on SEO if you want to stand out.

Hence, having a good SEO by your side can save you from investing thousands of dollars in marketing your store. 

By being Seo friendly, WooCommerce provides users with an opportunity to drive valuable leads to their store organically by simple search! 

  • Provide ultimate flexibility and customizability options

Hands down, WooCommerce is a massive community! This platform comes in handy with thousands of plugins and themes that can lead you to create a beautiful and incredibly powerful website for any niche of e-commerce.

A general misconception about WooCommerce is that this is a platform that is only used for selling products. This isn’t really the case. You can also utilize the platform of WooCommerce to sell tickets or passes for an upcoming event, create ordering or booking systems, or book consultations for any professional services.

Here at WooCommerce, you have the choice to choose and design your store just the way you like! 

  • Perfect platform for freshers! 

One thing that we can say for sure is that WooCommerce is the most accessible e-commerce application!

If you have mid to zero-level experience with coding, you can still be able to build a WooCommerce/Wordpress site of your own. Quite surprising, right?

In fact, many business owners in South Africa have created their e-commerce sites or stores on their own. Having said that, with the right tutorials and a little effort into the research, you can build a WooCommerce site on your own too! 

  • You can sell anything on WooCommerce! 

What counts to be another good answer for people who as “Why WooCommerce” is that this platform can be utilized to sell anything!

WooCommerce isn’t classified to be the number one ecommerce platform for average reasons. It’s classified as number one because it provides people with the flexibility to sell anything over the platform.

Whether you’re looking to sell physical products or digital products, this platform has surely got you covered.

It won’t be wrong if we say that WooCommerce happens to be a swiss army knife of every ecommerce application out there! 

  • Consist of a Vibrant Developer Community 

WooCommerce and WordPress are both open sources. A retailer can change or add core features, as well as build and customize the theme. These are some of the features that are hard to find in other ecommerce applications. 

Another great advantage that WooCommerce provides to its retailers is that this platform has a vibrant developer community. This community is ever ready to be at your service.

Suppose you need help in making any changes to your existing WooCommerce store. You would indeed find out someone who can do the job for you.

With having a vibrant developer community on your back. You really don’t have to worry about anything on the platform of WooCommerce! 

  • WooCommerce is a quick platform

Last but not least, the best thing that WooCommerce has to offer to the people is a quick-paced environment. Word press and WooCommerce are popular to provide fast, responsive ecommerce experiences for all online stores.

Not only this. One can quickly speed up his WooCommerce store by combining it with performance-optimized WooCommerce hosting. Professionals specially engineer this Hosting to maximize the performance of the ecommerce store.

Hence, the individuals who are looking forward to being a part of a quick-paced environment. Then WooCommerce has got the needs of individuals covered. 

Final Word

While wrapping it all up, WooCommerce provides a complete package of Ecommerce solutions. This package is super fast and easy to use. It can quickly adapt to the needs and requirements of an ecommerce business.

So what, basically, WooCommerce is? It’s the best resource you can ever have for growing your ecommerce store as a user of wordpress.

Give WooCommerce a try, and witness yourself why business owners over the globe count WooCommerce to be their number one priority! 

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