Which board is best for NEET?

As we know, the CBSE board is considered a good board for NEET preparation. Most candidates say that the CBSE board is the best compared to other boards. The question arises that there are other boards, like ICSE and ISC. Is it not this board? We will know in detail.

Which board is best for NEET preparation.

It has many schools affiliated with the CBSE and ICSE boards in India and abroad. Because of the student-friendly and CBSE-friendly format of competitive examinations, CBSE schools are mainly dominated by schools affiliated with ICSE.

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What makes CBSE better than ICSE? 

There are CBSE-affiliated schools in every big or small city in India, which is considered a very easy syllabus for CBSE till October 10th. The syllabus of classes 11 and 12 focuses on preparation for competitive exams.

When we consider the CBSE board’s general past trends in the number of students qualifying for NEET, we find that the CBSE board will have an advantage over others.

Some former ICSE board aspirants feel that ICSE is better than CBSE till class 10th. ICSE board intensive learning allows students to excel in any field. But for classes 11 and 12, students would prefer CBSE over ICSE.

The simplest argument is that the CBSE syllabus in classes 11 and 12 plays a better role in helping a candidate prepare for competitive exams like NEET.

What makes ICSE better than CBSE? 

The diverse learning opportunities allow an ICSE aspirant to excel in any field, not just engineering and medicine.

An ICSE aspirant who chose to remain anonymous thinks that CBSE students take longer to understand a subject and calls them “less skilled and bookworms.”

What is the difference between the ICSE and CBSE boards? Which board is best for NEET?

The CBSE Board is a government-approved All-India Board. The CBSE is affiliated with all Kendriya Vidyalaya’s, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya’s, private schools, and most of the schools approved by the Central Government of India.

The (CISCE) Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is one of the private national level boards to provide quality education to students. The Council conducts the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) for class 10th and the Indian Certificate of School (ISC) for class 12th in every academic year of the Council.

The CBSE board has a universal pattern and syllabus, the same for all CBSE boards in India and outside India. At present, there are more than twenty thousand schools affiliated with the CBSE board in India. CBSE-affiliated schools are also present in over 30 countries, including the UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Presently, there are 3000 ICSE-affiliated schools in India. In addition, countries like the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Indonesia have ICSE-affiliated schools.


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