What is wood defined as?


It’s also known as wood. Wood is an additional material used in the finishing of the house to make doors, door frames jamb frames, architraves, and more. As a natural building material wood has specific characteristics like moisture content the strength, elasticity, hardness and so on.

All of these characteristics differ between different types of woods. They also are dependent on the seasons and the surrounding environment. The timber that is extracted from trees contains moisture content which must be dried prior to making use of it for commercial uses.

The normal and acceptable level of moisture content in wood is between 8 to 12%. If the timber isn’t dried and the moisture content is out within the acceptable range, then swelling and shrinking can occur in the wood. Wood shrinks due to decreased moisture content, and expands with the increase in moisture content.

This cycle continues until moisture levels are at par and is in equilibrium with the temperature and humidity of the air. The process is controlled when the wood is properly dried in the process known as KD (Kiln dried). When purchasing, the word KD will be engraved on bags of wood to indicate that the wood has been dried in a kiln.

Wood Price in Pakistan

The woods that are available on the market are identified by the names of the trees that are harvested. The most frequently used woods used in building houses are:


It is widely found throughout Pakistan and is the cheapest of all. It is easily recognized by its white creamy color fresh extracted, and then change to a light brown color after it has dried. It is characterized as being a light and soft wood that has extremely low crushing and bending strengths.

It isn’t a good wood if high-quality and aesthetics in woodwork are to be achieved. This kind of wood is susceptible to termites and other bugs even when properly treated.

Price of Partal lumber in Lahore Price: 2700/cft. 2700/cft(Imported)


Local pinewood is also known in the form of Kail. Pakistani Kail is a great and inexpensive wood utilized in the construction of houses. Although it isn’t as widespread as it was because of this, its price has increased.

When buying Kail wood, be sure that it’s Local Kail because many other Kail types imported from the United States are also available including German Kail or Malaysian Kail, which are less expensive and less durable as in comparison to the local Kail.

The current cost of Pakistani Kail wood in Lahore The price range is between Rs 2700 and 3800 per cubic foot.

The current price of Kail wood imported from Lahore The price range is Rs 3000 to 3600 per cubic foot

Yellow pine

The wood is imported in bags in America and is harvested from various pine trees. It has both round and straight grains that are arranged in patterns. It is distinguished by its yellowish hue. It is not too inexpensive nor is it too costly however it is recommended only for doors with frames (chogath).

The grain is visible and rough surface, even after grinding it to a high degree, giving an the appearance of a rough surface after polishing. It also exhibits greater movement as a result of expanding and shrinking even after it is was kiln dried.

Price of yellow pine wood in Lahore The price range is from Rs 3800 up to 5800/cft

Ash Wood

The most widely used wood for high-end constructions are Ash wood.

It’s neither cheap nor expensive, but it has excellent characteristics like moderate strength in crushing and bending with less movement in the form of swelling and shrinkage. It is straight and light brownish white color.

Price for Ash timber in Lahore from Rs 9000 to $9600/cft


Mohagni is an extremely fine and highly recommended kind of wood that is used for quality constructions. It’s less expensive than diyar, however it is more costly when compared to Meranti.

It is a reddish brown shade as well as a flat and smooth surface. Similar to diyar, it has the characteristics of preventing termite attacks , and has very little movement once it is dried. Because of its toughness, it is recommended for use on doors.

The only downside is that it is polished in a dark-coloured polish because of its dark tones. It comes in two forms, the mohaagni as well as sapele.

The current price for Mohagni lumber in Lahore Price: 6500 Rs/cft

The current price for Mohagni(sapele) timber in Lahore the city of Lahore is Rs 8000/cft.


Also known by the name “Diyar wood”, extracted from the national tree of Pakistan. It is extremely durable, however it is expensive to use in the construction of houses. It is smooth, straight and evenly the texture of the grains. It is characterized by extremely low or no movement, i.e. shrinking and swelling seldom take place in this kind of wood. It is also not susceptible to termites and other insect attacks.

Present cost of wood from Deodar/Diyar in Lahore in the range of Between Rs. 4500 and 9000 per cubic foot

Red Oak

Like ash wood, oak is a different hardwood that comes in yellowish brown and reddish shades. Its grains are very thin open and straight. It is typically used in cabinetry and furniture and should not be used for doors as it will become almost grainless after polishing.

Present cost for oak lumber in Lahore The price is Rs 8500/cft.

Meranti dark brown

Like mohagni too the hardwood meranti also comes in a variety of colors. which is available in dark brown and reddish shades. It has extremely thin grains open and straight.

It is hard to distinguish from mohagni due to its it has similar grains and colors therefore care must be taken when buying mohagni since it is offered in the market by various sellers as mohagni.

Dark brown meranti is more expensive than mohaagni.

Price of dark brown meranti wood Lahore the price is Rs 5600/cft

Green Maple

Another wood from the United States with a unique texture, color, and toughness making maple a preferred choice for woodworkers of all kinds.

The maple wood has a smooth uniform texture and typically straight grain, with it can be characterized by variations like birdseye flame, tiger and wavy and fiddleback.

It is a great choice for doors too , but it is typically utilized in furniture that is of high-end quality.

Present price for the green maple timber in Lahore price: $6100/cft

Check for quality at the site

Wood’s quality can be checked by an experienced expert. As a layman, when buying wood, the quality check should be carried out

  • The wood should be labeled with the KD “Kiln dried” on it especially if imported(not applicable to all woods, like yellow pine for the chogaths). Certain indigenous woods have been air dried and in that the label KD is not necessary. If you can, check the moisture content using a moisture meters and it must be within the acceptable range of 8-12%.
  • The timber board’s edges shouldn’t have excessively crazed cracks because it is a sign that the wood has dried too fast. In such instances, the exterior of the boards are dried but leaves the core moist and with moisture.
  • Examine knots in the timber. Small knots that don’t traverse the entire length of the wood are fine. However , the preference is zero or the smallest knots that are possible.
  • Buy timber which has been cut to the size that leaves the least amount of waste or even zero. E.g. If your doors are of typical size, 7 feet. by 3.5 feet. buy lumber boards with lengths of either 14 feet. or 10 feet.

Quantity check at site

Quantity of timber is measured in cubic feet. However it is calculated in inches and then converted into feet if timber is sawed into lengths that are 2 inches wide since most of woodwork such as making of doors is carried out in maximum height of length in 2 inches whereas for chogaths most commonly used is 1.5 inches.

Let us suppose we have timber sawed in lengths as shown in above image and has following measurements:

Length = 14’ (168 inches)

                        Width = 1’     (12 inches)

                        Height = 2” (2 inches)

 Total Quantity in cubic inches = Length (in.) x Width (in.) x Height (in.)

= 168 (in.) x 12 (in.) x 2 (in.)

                                                                 = 4032 in3

Now let us convert in3 to ft3

                                                       1 ft3= 1728 in3 (12 in. x 12 in. 12 in.)


   Total Quantity in cubic feet = 4032 / 1728

                                                            = 2.33 ft3.

 Add cubic feet of all timber lengths to get total quantity.


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