What is a virtual stock exchange?

A virtual stock exchange is a great way to learn trading without risking real money. Traders can log in to online virtual stock exchange sites, create accounts, and experiment with trading without risking real money. The first action a new trader must is to sign up for an account and username. This shall be their profile and will keep track of their account as well as access to online forums. One of the perks of a virtual stock exchange is being able to engage in web forums and exchange ideas with other traders about investing concepts. The online portals that offer these functions are all a little different but the two ideal virtual stock exchange portals I have discovered are UMOO and Wall Street Survivor. Links to my comprehensive reviews of each service can be found below:

Learn to Trade

If you have never traded, a virtual stock exchange is a terrific way to learn. Whether experimenting with UMOO or Wall Street Survivor you can select a portfolio and buy and sell it online from anywhere. Each lets you try out different kinds of instruments and various types of orders. The portfolio will move in value depending on the instruments you have purchased and the results in the market. Both UMOO and Wall Street Survivor use real market pricing to tabulate your portfolio value. visit to more article 

Try Trading Something New to You

Most traders begin their experience by trading stocks. Over time they notice a significant number of traders are not focused on stocks but on other tradable symbols such as commodities or forex. Many trade bonds and others manage ETFs including leveraged ETFs and inverse ETFs. Options are available on stocks, currencies, and commodities too. Traders experienced in a single symbol might want to sample trading an alternative symbol but with virtual cash initially. They recognize that every market is one of a kind and has its own specific characteristics. a virtual stock exchange means experiencing the flexibility to experiment with different markets without risking real cash.

Portfolio for Blog or Friends

Maybe you are a frequent trader and sometimes wanted to make your trades visible to peers or publish for a blog, a virtual stock exchange is good for that as well. On Wall Street Survivor you can make your portfolio visible and follow other portfolios too. In contests on UMOO participants can view other traders in the contests and examine how their portfolio is doing.

Get Rewards

Each virtual stock exchange online business has competitions where traders can score gift cards and other prizes. Even though investing is a business and should be managed like one, a game using market data is often fun. UMOO specializes in challenges such as UpDown and Pix where the game has a short time window and a specific outcome. These contests are not only exciting but a chance to put to work your trading skill for fun.
Capitalix is one of the most virtual stock exchange 


What Are The Advantages of the Virtual Stock Exchange?

You can learn to trade the financial markets with a virtual stock exchange without even risking your real money.


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