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What are the Features & Benefits of Dot Net?


Dot Net is an open-source developer platform useful for building a wide range of applications. In addition, it supports multiple programming languages and libraries to build web, mobile, desktop, IoT applications, and more. It supports the CLA (Common Language Infrastructure) approach and compiles your source code into a Common Intermediate Language (CIL). Furthermore, it has a modular and optimized architecture that allows you to build different types of applications. It consists of two primary components which are as follows:

  1. CoreCLR- It is a Dot Net runtime responsible for executing CLI programs.
  2. CoreFX- It is a set of libraries that provide the most common functionalities.

Features of Dot Net:

Dot Net ensures extremely high performance and is one of the quickest and most responsive web application frameworks. It is lightweight and responsive and offers the benefits of asynchronous programming approaches. In addition, it supports cross-platform and is capable of deploying and running immediately on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It supports asynchronous programming patterns which makes it much quicker than other programming languages.

Dot Net offers a powerful development environment that allows users to quickly drag and drop components to build the application from scratch. Furthermore, it is independent and language-neutral, therefore users can use a variety of programming languages. Developers can construct a dynamic web application in any of the languages they are familiar with. To further know about it, one can visit Dot Net Training Institute in Noida. Apart from these, given below are some of the features of Dot Net.

  • Supports Web Socket- It supports web sockets that are useful in developing client-server applications that communicate with one another. Furthermore, they also help in creating the most common chat applications.
  • Filters for Taking Action- Dot Net framework supports action filters for creating error handling, authorization, caching, and other custom logics. Logic will be run before and after the operation of the controller.
  • Globalization and Localization – It allows globalization and allows customers or individuals from other countries will comprehend and use this program. Furthermore, it allows users to adapt their program to work in several different languages.
  • Security- Each application has its unique identification and before allowing it to run, Dot Net will verify the objects’ authenticity. Furthermore, it improves the overall security of the operating system and keeps your app safe and secure.

Benefits of Using Dot Net:

Dot Net results in reducing the lines of code necessary for developing large applications. Using this software tool with HTML helps in generating dynamic web pages smoothly. In addition, it is an ideal server-side scripting technology, and its code runs first on a windows server before displaying on the web browser. It is language-independent and you can choose any programming language which suits your application. It comes with built-in configuration information, which makes it easy to deploy.

Furthermore, it ensures security and quickly gives an alert for memory leaks, unbounded loops, and other wrong behaviors. It has various performance-enhancing features like early binding, JIT compilation, caching services, and native optimization. Above all, the best part of Framework is it has its own built-in caching features. Many institutes provide Dot Net Online Training in India and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using Dot Net.

  • Supports Side by Side Versioning, allowing the running of multiple versions of the application on the same system.
  • Ensures versatility, easier maintenance, speed, and optimum performance.
  • Is open source and allows you to modify, review, or contribute the code as per your requirement and convenience.
  • Supports cloud-based development and eliminates the dependency on Physical devices.
  • Facilitates Automatic Memory Management and reduces the chances of memory leakage.


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