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Unique Ways to plan a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Goa

If you are planning your pre-wedding photography in Goa, then we have it all ready. Goa is a very unusual place for Indians to get those beautiful pictures with your criminal partner. The most common misconception people about Goa is that it is about beaches. While there are some really nice beaches in Goa, there are a variety of other beautiful places as well. We will tell you all about those great places to photograph Goa and your love for each other in the best way you can. Let’s get right into it.


1. We Can’t Ignore The Beaches:


We had to talk about Goa’s treasures, its beautiful beaches. Beautiful sunset pictures will add all the lovey-dovey feelings to your photos. With fine water and sand running down your feet. You can’t deny the magic of the ocean!


2. Luxurious Pre-Wedding Shoot In Goa:


If you are over the beaches and love beauty, then pre-wedding photography on the Yacht should be your destination. Take advantage of the beautiful waterfront and edit your pre-wedding photo in Goa with a magnificent Yacht.


3.Add Vibration To Your Photos With Goa Colorful Ways:

The architecture of Goa and history are heavily influenced by the Portuguese and the beauty is amazing. The colorful buildings and brightly colored streets give a very European feel everywhere.


4.What about the gaon vintage mansions for your pre-wedding shoot?


Goa’s rich culture and history are truly beautiful. And if you like vintage vintage buildings, Braganza House will definitely satisfy you. With the exception of rustic and large interiors, you and your partner will not look like royalty.


5.Have A Hand In The Wonderful Churches:


If anything Goa is known for other than its beaches, it is a beautiful church. Since Goa was under Portuguese rule during the colonial period, many churches would be found. And they are very good.


Best Shooting Locations in Goa:

Goa is a place full of love and romance. Pre-wedding photography in Goa is all about an attractive background, impressive themes, and a fun setting. Here are some great ideas one can use to take pictures of them before the wedding!


1. Chorla Ghats


Goa has a large forest cover in its eastern part. Get a chance to have a great photo session under its canopy. It xan be good option for creating a photoshoot location at this place. The Chorla Ghats are a good choice because of its lush greenery and pleasant climate.


Location: Near State Highway 4, Belgaum, 403505 Maharashtra , India.

Cost: INR Rs. 45,000 GST 6 hours.

Special: Amazing views and scenery.

Places to Visit Nearby: Malabar Whistle Thrush, Indian Pitta, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Loten Sun Bird, White Cheeked Barbet, Nilgiri Flycatcher, etc.




Putting your pre-wedding photo in Goa we can’t find any more history. If you do a photoshoot in Goa, you may also have one in a large open sea. Even better is when you and your spouse are people of a great adventure. Have a public shooting session with your teammates while playing water sports in Goa.


Location: Calangute, North Goa, India.

Cost: Starting INR Rs. 35,000 and GST.

Specialties: Water sports, kayaking, and wakeboarding.

Places to Visit Nearby: Miramar, baga, vagator, & palolem.




The brightly colored streets of Panjim are a flawless scene for your pre-wedding photography in Goa. Fontainhas is the oldest Latin quarter in Goa, near the bustle of the city of Panjim, but it has been cut short. Enclosed with houses painted in blue, yellow and many more, the Fontainhas offers a solid Portuguese feel.


Location: Panjim, Goa, India.

Cost: Starting INR Rs. 55,000 and GST.

Specialty: Viewing places, churches, and markets you can explore.

Places to Visit Nearby: Beautiful nearby church places, beaches and markets.


4.Bat Island


A star-studded photoshoot in Goa is not right out of the sea. It is truly magical to have that calm green water as the background of your photos. Clear and simple setting. No wonder these stellar environments find a choice in this cool seaside resort. There are a variety of beautiful seafood to choose from, sometimes associated with famous slums that sell some delicious seafood. From lovely moments to fun on the beach, you can take a complete picture of a lifetime. So go ahead, get some nice light and stand on the beautiful beaches of Goa. The sunset sky in Goa is the most talked about. You can visit Suzy’s Wreck, Grande Islands, and Bat Island.


Location: Vasco-da-Gama, Goa, India.

Cost: Starting INR Rs. 65,000 and GST.

Special: Seren Beach, tranquil setting and beautiful scenery.

Places to Visit Nearby: There are amazing places around the beaches & Market.


5.Mandovi River


A flawless couple needs a good photo to accompany their live album. When it comes to accuracy, you can’t go wrong with a pre-wedding photography in Goa under the stars. Take a look at a beautiful photo with a heavenly Goa in the background. The use of Drone photos here is a great way to capture the seamless bird’s eye.The Mandovi River is, of course, the wrong choice for a photoshoot in Goa due to the quiet mix of city life and sunlight.


Location: Mandovi River Goa, India.

Cost: Starting INR Rs. 45,000 and GST.

Special: A picture of the perfect place.

Places to Visit Nearby: Interesting places on nearby beaches.

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