Unique Gift Ideas for Dad in 2022

Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

You know better than to believe your father when he says he doesn’t need anything for Father’s Day or his Birthday. Ultimately, he was the one that taught you to always treasure the people that mean the most to you. And to help you with that, this list of best gift ideas for dad will surely help.

It’s Dad’s Day, after all, when you can go all out for the man you respect and look up to. Finding the best gift ideas for dad, on the other hand, is no easy task, especially if you want to give him something unique that won’t end up collecting dust in a drawer.

Luckily, you’ve reached the right place.


Is your dad a corporate person? Does he always attend business meetings and important corporate events? Well, and then gift him a dazzling pair of cufflinks.

You can buy a set of several cufflinks, in which there are gift sets which have about four cufflink pairs. These cufflinks come in different colours and styles to match the different looks your dad will love.

Cufflinks for dad

And usually, these come in different colours too, like golden, silver, black, grey, or any other colours. It might be more expensive than gifting one cufflinks pair; it’ll be worth it if your dad wears formal more frequently.

Acrylic Night Lamp

When it comes to sending gifts to your father, not many people think of gifting a night lamp. Well, you might have not either, but what about personalised acrylic night lamps? That’s right; you can personalise this gift item to add more meaning to it.

Add a loving note on the customised lamp. This way, your dad will go to sleep with a smile on his face every night. Or you can get more imaginative and gift a lamp in the shape of their favourite movie character, drink, etc. You can make it more special by turning it into a little family portrait.

Personalised Lamp for Dad

There is so much you can do with an acrylic night lamp.


Nothing will let your dad know you appreciate them than gifting a barware. You can choose from a wide range of barware, from beer mugs to wine glasses. Well, a smart idea would be to choose according to their favourite drink.

For example, gift a beer mug if he often drinks beers or coffee mugs for caffeine-addicted dads. In short, gifting these items will surely make their drinking routine more sentimental.

Add a little love or quirky note for a personalised touch. He will definitely love it and start enjoying their beverages a little bit more.

Photo Cushion

This is another customisable gift that your dad will love. Photo frames and albums are so back-dated in the era of customisable photo mugs, cushions and whatnot. But unlike other customisable gifts, these will not be just for the show. You can use these just like a sofa pillow, which can be a great decorative piece for your home.

Best Dad Cushion

Not only photos, but you can also add special notes, doodles and other designs to make the cushion look unique. So, start planning the perfect design now!


Gifting a wallet that will last longer is not only a practical but thoughtful gift. Such gifts will last longer, especially if the quality is good. And the best thing is, it would remind him of you every time he’ll use it.

For men, a wallet is one of the best gift for dad because it will be used daily and not really collect dust somewhere.


Get a keepsake gift if you truly want your dad to feel special and give him something to remember you by. It can be anything from a watercolour portrait of him or your family to a tabletop item. How about gifting him a wooden relation name board?

These boards are a modernised version of a family tree. You need to engrave all the names and their relations on these plates. Hanging him on the lounge room wall would look splendid and a great topic for family get-togethers. In a way, it would be for your dad and a keepsake for others in your family too.

Gift Cards

The joy of gifting gift cards has been lost in this digital world. Your dad is from a time when gift cards held special meaning and a sentimental value. So, if you gift him such items, he will surely cherish them.

I love Dad Card

And the best thing is that you can improve it by adding a personal touch. Add their favourite movie quote, poem or anything that’s significant to him to make it special.

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