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Top 6 Benefits of having Javascript Websites

In this article we are going to read the benefits of Javascript , as it is one of the emerging technology in the world

Technologies are updating with the fast-moving world, and daily a number of new technologies are introducing in the web development field. This has increased because of the increase in the demand of website or application development. As the demand of web development is on its peak , the rise of new technology is also on the peak. There are various web development technologies are available like React js , Angular JS , Vue JS , etc. But Javascript is one of the most widely used programming language which has even powered 80% of total websites on the web. Due to this reason, Javascript is also in demand.

Because of the demand , it is sometimes difficult to hire a javascript developer for the project, so, you must be thinking now , what is so special about Javascript, so today we will look at some benefits of using it for your web development project. So, Read this article till the end if you want to go ahead with Javascript.

Before looking into the advantages , we will first look on what is Javascript ?
Javascript is an open source programming languages , which was initially released on 2022. It was primarily developed for building web pages and put some uniqueness in them. Javascript was able to perform every work very efficiently.

The most advantages of JS is that it is browser compatible , means you can run JS applications on any browsers. You can run Javascript on any browser , you just need your internet connection and nothing else. The other benefit is JS applications are device compatible means you can run JS applications with any device. The technology is responsive in nature.

The main reason behind the JS popularity is that we can use this language for performing client-side programming easily. So, let see how JS engine works and how it puts life to our web pages . The JS applications works according to the below steps

In the beginning , whatever the script you have written , the JS engine will read that script first
Then engine will automatically convert that script into the machine code which is machine language. This is the language the machine will understand and your system will be able to read.At last step , the machine runs the code , if any error comes , it wont run and show the errors on the screen.

Hence it is clear from the above steps that the Javascript engine works smoothly and executes the code faster than other technologies.

Why is Javascript so important ?

Javascript is important because of various reasons. That’s why Javascript is loved by many developers today. It has now become the most popular web development technology

The first reason behind its importance is the Javascript’s popularity , it is one of the most popular programming languages right now , and almost all the websites on the web uses Javascript , It is being used by several brand and companies. This programming language jas a massive scope in the future because people are still learning and working on it. Many beginners have found working with Javascript extreme easy. Furthermore , JS provides scope for both client-side and server-side. It offers facility for both frontend and backend.

The next reason is it is beginner friendly , no matter if you are beginner or you want to switch , you can learn JS easily. The syntax and functions are so simple and easy. You can easily read and get start with Javascript. Even , you don’t require any harder configurations to set up the Javascript , you can just begin with the Javascript right away.

Javascript is an open-source programming languages , that’s why it has huge supportive team too. If you get start with Javascript , and get stuck somewhere , you can easily get the solution with the supporting team members. Furthermore , there are several places where Meetups regarding JS takes place and you will be able to learn several things from it .

Benefits of Javascript

1. Javascript is reliable

Trust is the very important thing that every programming language should provide , it does not matter about the number of features that programming language provides , if its not reliable , then it is not worthy to use it. But if you use Javascript , trust issue is neither a problem , because JS is one of the most trusted programming languages and it has been used for several years and several improvements have been taken place in this programming language.
2.Client-side Worker
It is best known for its client-side compatibility , because with Javascript you can add good interaction with the client side and can give trendy look to your web pages. With JS , you will be able to get the better loading, clickable items and many more such things with a single click.
3. Completely Independent
You may have find that working with other programming languages , you need to install several programs and have to perform several configurations. But with JS, its not a problem, because you don’t require any specific configurations for JS , you can start with Javascript from anywhere. It is perfectly compatible with every browsers.
4. Easy to Learn
JS is not complicated like any other technologies , the syntax is simple , you don’t need to write the complicated syntax such as programs or anything else. You can get free content regarding Javascript from various sources online
5. Unique Features
You must be thinking that , JS is easy to learn so you wont be able to get unique features. But that’s not true. This programming language offers several high-quality features. You would be able to add additional features to the websites.
6.Multifunctional Website
The most important feature of JS is that you would be able to create highly-effective websites.

The Conclusion
So, from the above , you will be able to understand that JS is really an amazing programming language . If you are thinking to move ahead with Javascript , you should definitely give a chance to it. There are even more benefit from these.

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