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Tips To Help You Study The Book Of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is a fundamental source of the LDS Gospel Doctrine. Many LDS followers view the book as the single most important Scripture of their religion apart from the Bible. It is the testament revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith from Jesus Christ after his resurrection from Jerusalem and appearing before the Nephites.

Many beginners and learners are either curious or want to have a better understanding of the LDS Scripture. Others aspire to become missionaries and spread their faith to expand the gospel. Either way, there are plenty of Mormon Books that help people understand the LDS faith converts or otherwise.

There is a myriad of ways you can employ to help you learn the religion better. It usually starts with LDS study guides that help comprehend the entire religion. You can adopt some of the following suggestions below.

Start With A Prayer

The best way to attain to begin your study of the LDS faith is through God’s help. God is the supreme leader of the church and he is the way to salvation. You can begin your prayer to confide in God. Ask for his guidance and help with respect to any issue that is impacting your life. Once you are done with your prayer, ensure that it ends with the final words of “In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”. This prayer will help you know that God is aware of your intentions and will help you in this journey. The Book of Mormon in general is always read with a prayer.

Focus on One Topic

You need to pick out a specific topic. Do not go through each one. The topic should be one that you take interest in. Most of the beginners go through the Mormon books out of encouragement from the missionaries or a Sunday lesson. You can begin by looking into the index on the back cover of the Book of Mormon. The index entry will have plenty of topics that you can go through and list down the ones you are interested in ascending order. This can also apply to the Book of Mormon app which is accessible to many learners. The first topic you start with will have the content to give you a better perspective. Then you can proceed to the next one. Each topic will further enhance your desire to learn more and gain more answers throughout your study.

Bible Support

The Bible and the Book of Mormon adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ thereby supporting one another. Both are vital to the LDS faith. Much of what you learn from the books you can refer to the Bible for further clarity. Contrary to popular belief, the Bible is nowhere less equally as important than the Book of Mormon itself within the Mormon religion.

Watch Videos

There is plenty of content available about the Book of Mormon on video. You can find out enough collections that will help you see the stories of the Scriptures brought to life. It will also be an effective tool in giving you insight into the view of Jesus Christ and God from the Mormon viewpoint.

Listen To Online Audio

The Book of Mormon audios are available online for every Mormon and learner to hear. In many cases, audios are more effective than reading although you can also read the book online. Either way, it is the best method to absorb everything you hear and digest it. You can download the audio through apps and gain better knowledge through the LDS church website.

Write Everything Down

Carry a journal with you and write down everything you have learned so as not to forget what you have learned. There is an abundance of content available that can be too much to keep track of. The better way to remember them is by writing them or typing them in your notebook. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate guide for you and you must always keep in mind everything he tells you. You can also use the journal as a support system or a reference later in life just in case you need help remembering.

Select an Individual

Choose a person or a Biblical figure to study. The best way to relate to the Mormon books is by understanding the experience and journey of the person and how his life has changed. Many times, it is Jesus Christ who is the only figure readers choose to entertain. This is because he is the source of all that is good in the world. But readers can pick out many saints and Prophets that have been in difficult and testing times where they have persevered in their faith. The point is to empathize with the people in the book.

Meditate Occasionally

Do not engross yourself by reading the entire book in one go. Take some time to meditate and comprehend what you have learned and process it. Dive into deeper thinking of how it impacts your life and how it can help you in the future. This is the process of enlightening oneself which is highly encouraged in the LDS faith.

Share Your Findings

Everything you learn in the book; is best shared with other readers or learners. The people who have similar questions as you will entertain your opinions and perspectives. The book of Mormon is subject to interpretation and it is healthy to relay your viewpoint to other members. Engage them with meaningful discussions even if they are missionaries. Just avoid any conflicting discussion that may turn hostile.

Always keep an open mind and respect the opinion of others as you would expect of them. Once you truly have better knowledge of the Book of Mormon you can become more confident with how you should live your life and what purpose you have in this world.

Once you carefully adhere to the mentioned tips, you can easily finish your LDS education quickly and with ease.

The book of Mormon is something that you can read through certain methods to gain better insight of the LDS religion.

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