Sun-Mars Aspects In Synastry

The Aspects of Mars and Sun in Synastry

What is Synastry?

Synastry is the study of two individuals based on their positions and aspects in the birth charts. Many people try to gauge their compatibility with their new partner through synastry. These charts can sometimes give an accurate analysis of an individual’s personality. You analyze the birth charts of the two individuals to each other to determine the best aspect.

If the synastry aspect is not perfect or balanced, this will define how well you two will be able to understand each other. Just something you should consider if you’re curious in more ways than one.

According to Crow Astrology, Sun-Mars Aspects have the potential to give insight into the talent, emotions, values, and life purpose of a couple.

Sun Trine Mars Synastry

If you’ve got a Sun-Mars aspect in your horoscope together, then your relationship will have deep and passionate, yet resilient energy. The Sun trine Mars synastry will build up over a few weeks or months. You’ll find yourself being drawn repeatedly toward the other person. That initial attraction will always be so strong that you’ll be talking for days. You will find yourself completely helpless against the desire for them. Yet, you are aware of the risks you’re taking.

A Sun-Mars aspect can dominate your week. You’ll notice that what’s going on in this relationship has a significant influence over your week and especially events the night before – both romantic and sexual. Sun-Mars synastry signs typically show a tremendous internal drive for sex. Couples with this synastry aspect may be erotically overwhelmed by another’s affections. Above all else, they desire to moan into each other’s mouths or to be romanced.

Sun trine Mars synastry is a creative relationship. It can also bring success, healing, and good fortune through the centuries. There’s nothing better than a love that bonds you to your partner with so much stability. You’re not likely to have many arguments or name-calling. You’ll work hard to achieve your ambitions and make sure that you both have a successful future together. So, this harmonious union is one of the most stable polyamorous relationships you’ll ever want.

Sun Sextile Mars Synastry

When two astrological or symbolic planets form a sextile aspect the relationship is enhanced by the healthy balance between the energies involved. These energies “work together in sync” for both partners to create rich cooperative energies, but one partner may put more energy into it than the other.

The way that Sun-Mars sextile aspects interact with each other is used to “deep dive” into whether you and your partner work to provide psychological/emotional comfort and intimacy for each other.

For example, the Sun sextile Mars synastry exists within relationships where one person in your relationship is controlling, insecure, or substance abuse. If someone is your addiction, you will have a Sun-Mars Sextile in which you’re both frequently weak or temperamental.

With the Sun sextile Mars synastry, you should strive to maintain a delicate balance between your temperaments and avoid serious issues to get harmonious outcomes. Mars aspects can prove beneficial when it comes to spicing up your relationship and creating innovative approaches in your relationship.

When the Sun sextiles Mars, if these two planets are both compatible in your natal charts. Sun sextile trine aspect is the biggest giver of harmony, support, and success in relationships. The pairing of water and fire, signals mutual attraction, warmth, and vivification. A Scorpio quality is very respected and attractive. The Sun represents the qualities of a Leo side to a person, and their Sun sextile Mars represents the social connection of two individuals who are wide open to adopting innovations to integrate novelty into relationships.

Sun Opposite Mars Synastry

In a Sun opposite Mars synastry aspect, two planets exchange pleasantries. That is, energy signs receive motivation from fire signs; earth signs receive motivation from air signs; water signs receive motivation from earth signs. This will broaden the horizon of one or both partners and can trigger very creative ideas.

In the love arts, the Sun-Mars opposition is an excellent combination as can be very magnetic and exciting. There can be some difficulties with commitment though. This is because Mars square Uranus might undo the harmony that could be so sweet with Sun to Mars aspect.

One of the most important factors of the Sun-Mars aspect connection is the sexual chemistry between the two. If two individuals have a high level of sexual attraction toward each other, this connection can be very strong – even much stronger than the separating aspects. If there is a lot of sexual chemistry, the two people involved can get along very well, despite being opposite each other in the zodiac charts.

When the Sun-Mars connection is strong between two people, this can often manifest as a physical attraction between two people. That attraction can manifest in a number of different physical ways: intense physical contact, sexual attraction, and even a full-blown sexual encounter. Nonetheless, most relationships that are formed between the Sun opposite Mars synastry are platonic in nature.

Sun Square Mars Synastry

Sun-Mars square aspects can be creative, passionate, and emotionally intense, but also prone to arguments, jealousy, and jealousy. The key to a harmonious relationship is honest communication. Both people must be willing to compromise and give and take in certain areas. This is the only way that the relationship will grow over time and become a stronger emotional union.

The key to a strong and long-lasting relationship is to start slowly and not allow your emotions to sweep you away. Don’t ignore warning signs of problems within a relationship. Understand what kind of problems may lie ahead.

The fact that your Sun and Mars square indicates that you may have to work on enhancing your sense of independence. You must learn to trust yourself and show respect for yourself and your partner.

In a Sun square Mars synastry, if your relationship is low on communication, take it one step at a time. Start with small, more benign issues, and then work your way up to more difficult subjects. Remain sensitive and try not to make the other person feel overly defensive. Remember, communication is always a two-way street. Let your partner know that you are willing to compromise. Then, he or she may be willing to give in on tough subjects, too.

Sun Quincunx Mars Synastry

In today’s competitive era of business and life, where you’re needed to stay on top of your game, the Sun-Mars aspects can have a huge impact on your personal and professional growth. The most controversial aspect between the Sun and Mars is the quincunx.

A Sun quincunx Mars synastry gets huge synergy between two planets or bodies when they’re in near perfect harmony. This combination can catalyze desire and drive. People who need a constant push in their lives can get a huge dose of drive and energy by linking what they do with what they think of as their purpose.

Similarly, these two planets in a quincunx aspect often result in a strong work ethic with notable ambition, but the downside to this aspect is definitely the fact that most people make it a point to just keep going.

With the Sun quincunx Mars synastry, two planets are able to exchange views on something, but it’s good for both planets to be able to elaborate on their own thoughts. That means two strong personalities, which can get along despite the balancing act involved.

Sun-Mars aspects point to problems that may arise in the passionate life of a couple. It strongly indicates a clash, but it’s best if they understand each other and try to set themselves apart from the situation; that is what this aspect is pointing toward. While this is no doubt a difficult aspect, it’s also very important for the couple to retain and nurture this love.

Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry

The Sun conjunct Mars synastry describes the connection between an individual’s Sun and Mars, which are signs of individuality and autonomous, self-expressive action, respectively.

People with a strong Mars-Sun aspect tend to be curious about life and eager to experience all of its wonders and lessons while looking for challenges and wisdom along the way. A dynamic and strong Mars-Sun connection in each partner’s birth chart shows that they are likely to be attracted to each other and passionate about whatever they’re doing when they meet.

However, they may not be able to agree on how each shares their feelings unless they’re listening to each other more. Their connection can stick for a lifetime, but it’s also a dynamic aspect, so there may be times when it seems to them that the spark just isn’t there.

A strong Sun conjunct Mars synastry means that you’re probably a dynamic person who’s active and observant. You’re willing to jump in feet first. As long as you’re working toward something you believe is vital, you’ll be motivated to achieve it.

Sun-Mars aspects are all about being proud of your own values. If you remain faithful to what you believe in, you’ll be on the right path. The Sun conjunct Mars synastry refers to situations in which the Sun and Mars combine together in a hard aspect. This is less favorable than a harmonious aspect, but it can receive a similar outcome by acting positively. Conflicts may arise due to differences in opinions.

Sun Inconjunct Mars Synastry

The Sun is the direction from which most forms of life on Earth originate. In astrology, Mars is the planet that is most adventurous. When the Sun inconjunct Mars, it results in a truly heroic battle between their strengths, their inner world of feelings, and motivations.

Mars is the planet of assertion, action, and ambition; the Sun is the planet of life, light, and knowledge. This combination can be a source of great strength, stamina, and passion; overly sensationalism, however, can lead to rashness and conflict; when discord stands between your two souls, overcoming it can lead to health, professional, mental, and emotional gains.

When Mars and Sun are inconjunct in a synastry chart, expect a telepathic, but an emotionally detached relationship. This is the kind of relationship where you really care what your partner is doing. However, if they’re not sharing their inner state with you, or if they reserve choice conversations for when things aren’t going well, then they’re not going to be as emotionally available to you.

I’m hoping that a Mars person will show the Sun person their vulnerability and that they’re not always the strong, independent superhero that they want to be.

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