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SEO training in Chandigarh

SEO training in Chandigarh

Do you know what is the main problem the majority of people face while learning SEO? We have a lot of theories on SEO whether we check them on the internet or there are a lot of people who tell us about the same. But as far as the real-life and practical implementations are concerned, nobody tells us how to actually do a perfect SEO training in Chandigarh. And we think you all will agree with us that having practical knowledge is equally important as having knowledge about the basics of SEO or SEO theories.

Here comes the role of SEO training in Chandigarh. This article will from the same be a step-by-step guide that how to get started with your first SEO project and how to do SEO in an actual and practical manner.  Apart from it, this blog will describe all the equal points to be considered while starting an SEO project for example whenever you receive an SEO project, how to start it, Which the tools, techniques, and planning required to commence the same.

How to start with your first SEO project

If you are working in a company, it might be a possibility that you might be handling all the digital campaigns for the company for you. If you join any digital marketing agency, there you will get different types of projects depending upon the business or services of the client. Those projects will be assigned to you. There are other areas as well from where you can get SEO or Digital Marketing projects example when you are working as a freelancer.  Apart from this, if your purpose is to practice your own SEO, there are many websites from which you can get projects to get practice.

Here are a few strategies to take care of while starting an SEO project.


Whenever you receive any digital marketing business project, your first goal should be to understand the name of that business or its website. It is very important to understand that the concerned business is about which product or service. What are the goals of that business that the owner of that website is expecting from you from the part of SEO?  Apart from this, it is very important to understand the target location.


Along with understanding the business of our client, we also must have a look at the current performance or the ranking of that website. Apart from ranking, it is equally important to consider the traffic currently coming on that website. It is because let’s suppose that before working on that project, the traffic on this website was 200 visits per day. But after your SEO, website traffic is 2000 visitors per day.  Then how will you prove that you have done a tremendous job? Therefore, before starting an SEO project, it is very important to make a performance analysis of the website concerned. So that whenever you come up with a good ranking with great results for Website traffic, you would have the data to compare the statistics.


Once you are completely done with understanding the business, you are well versed in your business, or your client’s business goals, and the current performance of your client’s website.  the next point to consider is researching the right keywords for your project according to your client’s business.  Always get the keywords right based on the targeted audience or targeted location of your business and keep in mind the average monthly searches and competition level for the same.


After researching the keywords, it is equally important to have a look at your competitor’s website like what keywords your competitor has used. How is the ranking of his website because of using those keywords? Therefore, analyzing your competitors’ sites are very important. There are many tools by which you can do the competitor analysis understand the Optimization methods and open strong points of your competitor’s platform. This will give you an idea of how to move ahead with your own website’s SEO


After analyzing the competitive websites, we shall start with our actual SEO. It is ideally considered that we should start on-page as well as off-page SEO together. But in case if you are one man army (which means you are a solo person) working on an SEO project like in the case of freelancing or for practice, then we recommend you to start with on-page Optimization. This basically means optimizing the content which is actually in our control. Along with that, we will make the preparations for the technical and off-page SEO analysis such as our social links and backlinks


After doing on-page and off-page SEO in a very well-versed manner, we shall move toward the data and analyze how much progress we have done. Analyzing the goals, you have achieved through your SEO. The number of visitors increased in a month or a particular month, what are the conversion rates now? This means we will now focus on the analytics only and that will make way for our next SEO strategy accordingly. Its other purpose is to maintain the statical analysis of whatever we have achieved till now with our so far SEO. Thus making way to get this improved as much as possible

Always remember that SEO is a gradual process. We should always keep in mind that neglecting SEO or quitting SEO after achieving the required rank will not help for a long time. Getting proper SEO training is important to master this art. So, keep learning and keep enjoying this gradual and sweet process of SEO.

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