Resident Evil Village’s Unofficial PC VR Mod Explained

One modder added PC VR compatibility to Resident Evil Village before Capcom.
Since 7 premiered in 2017, the franchise hasn’t escaped virtual reality. Players want more immersive experiences after Capcom’s PlayStation VR triumph. Resident Evil Village’s first-person viewpoint appears perfect for VR, but the publisher hasn’t met demand.

Resident Evil Village


PC horror enthusiasts have options. Most of the publisher’s horror games feature unofficial VR compatibility thanks to the platform’s modding community. 2 and 3 are playable in VR. A recent mod has moved Village to the forefront of the movement.
Capcom has only officially committed to virtual reality versions of Resident Evil 4 and 7. Both have major limitations that make them difficult for many players to access. Currently, only Oculus Quest 2 supports RE4’s restricted version.

PC users now play Village in VR thanks to modder Praydog. This month’s mod is the modder’s newest unofficial horror upgrade. Praydog’s VR hacks for Resident Evil 2 and 3 won fans’ hearts. Given its predecessor’s success, it’s no surprise that this mod has also been well-received.

Resident Modder

Praydog’s Village mod is free on GitHub. Fans may also donate through Patreon when downloading the update. Technically, there aren’t many hurdles for players to clear. The addon works with SteamVR and OpenXR and supports DirectX 11 and 12. When people edit games, they assume responsibility.

Praydog’s unofficial Resident Evil Village update is fantastic. The PC mod adds 6 degrees of camera flexibility, player avatars, and motion control. This final feature is especially amazing because even the PS VR version of RE7 didn’t support Sony’s official motion controllers.

Resident VR Mod


Village on PC is more immersive with VR dodging, blocking, and healing. Due to how Capcom initially envisioned the game, not all Village portions work well in VR. The sequence when Ethan battles Lady Dimitrescu and falls through ceilings wasn’t built for VR.

This is still an outstanding PC VR addon despite its flaws. Praydog’s newest update adds unexpected advantages to an already great experience. the framework supports Resident Evil Village and other Capcom titles. Pray do have included VR options for Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter Rise.

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