Reasons why the car won’t start

When the car won’t start it’s a sign that something within the car’s starting system set-up has gone wrong. There are different reasons for the car not to start. Some are more serious than others. Meaning that some will require the attention of a mechanic while other won’t.

In fact, there are situations when the car won’t start but there will be some sounds coming from the engine. Whereby the engine cranks but it just won’t turn over. Alternatively, there are other instances when the car won’t start but there are clicking sounds coming from the ignition. And then, there are times when the key refuses to turn in the ignition and it’s jammed up in there. A bunch of reasons that may cause the key to be jammed up in the ignition.

Lets explore the reasons why the car won’t start;

1. Dead battery.

This is one of the most common reason for a car not starting. Most people look at the battery when the car doesn’t start. Probably because it is the one that supplies the electric charge that is necessary for ignition. There are a bunch of reasons why the car battery dies. Though these may not relate to the reasons why the car won’t start.

How will you know that the battery is causing the car not to start? When you insert the key into the ignition and all you get after turning it is a clicking sound, the battery is dead. Alternatively, there could be an issue with the battery’s connections.

2. Insufficient fuel.

The car’s engine depends on a mixture of air and fuel in order to produce necessary power for the engine to start and run. In some really powerful engines, the car won’t start if the amount of fuel goes below a certain level. In fact this also applies to other smaller engines but the fuel limit for these ones is lower than for the powerful engines.

When there is little oil in the fuel tank, the engine will not start. That’s because of an imbalance of the air and fuel mixture ratio. So ensure that before you park your car, it has sufficient amounts of fuel so that you may be able to restart it again later.

3. Faulty spark plug.

The spark plug is faulty due to a bunch of reasons. A faulty spark plug is not able to supply sufficient amount of electric spark to the combustion chamber. The spark plug relies on electric current that comes from the battery.

So what causes a faulty spark plug? When the spark plug is worn out it ceases normal operations. Secondly, unburnt fuel within the combustion chamber may touch the spark plug and cause harm to it. Not only does a worn out spark plug not start the car but also it may lead to engine misfires. Further, a worn out spark plug isĀ  part of the reasons why the car may be shaking during idling.

4. Steering on lock mode.

Starting the car when the steering is on lock mode is impossible. The reason for the steering being on lock mode are quite a number.

  1. The car’s wheels are pressing too hard on the pavement kerb.
  2. Secondly, the car engine was shut down when the gear wasn’t in neutral or parking mode.
  3. You were still moving the steering wheel when you shut down the engine, hence causing it to lock mode.

Most of the times when the steering is in lock mode, the key will not turn within the ignition cylinder. So try jiggling the steering gently as your turning the key in ignition. This will unlock the steering and it will allow you to start the car.

5. Faulty electric systems.

The car’s starting set-up relies on a number of electrical system settings. These are inclusive of

  1. Wiring connections.
  2. Fuses.
  3. Battery
  4. Alternator belt.

If either of the above is in a bad condition, it may affect the car’s ability to start. Incase the car refuses to start and you can’t figure out what the problem is, you will need a towing service to a repair shop where it can be looked at.

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