QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Reviews and new Features

Put together your business funds all in 1 spot with QuickBooks Desktop. In this, you can achieve more with extra cash on the board, information sync, and speed enhancements. Keep steady over invoices, oversee expenses and get dependable reports for charge time.

Intuit has declared changes to QuickBooks Desktop for 2022. Most eminently, Intuit will currently just be selling its Pro, Premier, and Mac items as Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Mac Plus memberships. 

What’s Added in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 acquaints a few elements with assistance computerize and smoothing out your day-to-day bookkeeping errands.

These are the highlights of things remembered for the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 delivery and how you can utilize them to help your business.

64-digit progressed handling power

In QuickBooks Desktop 2022, you can utilize the full ability of a 64-bit processor. Figure out how this further develops security and execution. Achieve your bookkeeping undertakings quicker with a faster, more solid QuickBooks.

Schedule and pay bills faster in QuickBooks

Save time by planning and covering bills in QuickBooks. Use the source of financial support you pick and a computerized or actual structure your merchants like. Acquire monetary adaptability by paying merchants from a card or bank move, then, at that point, having bank move.

Useful for different organizations

Intuit offers different QuickBooks versions for different organizations. QuickBooks understand every business has its different accounting needs. So it launches QuickBooks for contractors and QuickBooks Personal. Now contractors can use accounting software of their choice. Also, you can track your personal expenses at home just by QuickBooks personal.

Upload bills with the Desktop Mobile application

Save time via mechanizing bill passages utilizing the QuickBooks Desktop portable application. Simply photo, import, and survey. Have your sellers send email solicitations straightforwardly to QuickBooks, which will consequently draft bill exchanges for your survey. Remain coordinated by appending documents to charge exchanges for worked-on review trails.

Human Capital Management

Intuit has collaborated with Guideline to offer a reasonable, completely coordinated 401(k) plan in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Arrangement a Guideline 401(k) from QuickBooks Desktop finance with simple onboarding ventures as the structures are pre-loaded up with your boss and representative data. When arrangement, run finance with your new commitments. The information and commitments are sent consequently to Guideline, so there are no additional means for you.

Rule 401(k) is right now just accessible in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted. We’ll add it to our other QuickBooks Desktop Payroll items soon.

Bill entry automation and customized bill payment stubs

Save time and have QuickBooks computerize bill passages from the QuickBooks Desktop versatile application or from bills sent by email. Simply import and survey.

We added bill installment stubs to the rundown of adjustable QuickBooks structures. Keep up with proficient and reliable correspondences by messaging affirmations to your sellers.

Customize bill payment stubs

Keep up with proficient and predictable interchanges by messaging adaptable bill installment stubs to your merchants. Save time by promptly messaging bill installment stubs to one or numerous merchants on the double. Effectively alter your logo, arranging, balance-paid-to date, and other required charging data, all from inside QuickBooks.


The yearly expense of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus depends on two elements: QuickBooks Payroll additional items and the number of clients. Each extra client costs $200 more each year, and entrepreneurs can add finance to any QuickBooks Desktop plan for an extra charge. Assuming you want in excess of three absolute clients, consider moving up to QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus, which can oblige up to five clients.


User limit: QuickBooks Desktop plans get expensive once you begin adding extra clients. Entrepreneurs who need to team up with multiple others will not have the option to utilize Pro Plus. And keeping in mind that Premier Plus upholds up to five clients absolute, it’s significantly more costly than Pro Plus’ $349.99 each year base cost. A Premier Plus plan with access for four clients, for instance, would cost $1,449.99 each year.

No cloud access: An absence of cloud access implies you can’t get into your organization document remotely when you need to telecommute or accommodate exchanges in a hurry. Also, you need to ensure your QuickBooks Desktop account to upheld on a timetable so you don’t lose information assuming your PC crashes. Ultimately, QuickBooks Desktop items don’t have the smooth UI that QuickBooks Online does.

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