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Most Effective Methodologies to Write Quality Papers with Assignment Help

.Creating a good assignment requires ample time, careful planning, and good-quality research. Some of you might have a fair idea of how to structure, write, and research for an academic assignment. But not many of you know the different methodologies used for assignment writing. If you are not aware of these methodologies, you can consult the best Assignment Help to write quality papers per university guidelines.

Students pursuing their academic courses in the field of MBA/PhD have to deal with different types of assignments and use a different approach. We have developed the most effective methodological approaches to writing an assignment. These methodologies will help you write top-notch assignments and enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills.

Different Methodologies to Write Top-Notch Assignments

# Interviews

If you are studying humanities or arts, your teacher must have asked you to write about social issues. In such cases, research won’t be enough as you have to see through the lens of ordinary people to know about the issue. So, how can you do that? The answer is simple, by conducting an interview. Interviewing a targeted or random population could help you understand the views and perception of people regarding the issue and use it to write your assignment.

People with different mindsets will give you different input on the issue that you can incorporate into your study to make it more well-grounded and authentic.

# Observations

You might have judged people either by their actions or looks at some point in life. This act is called observation. Generally, observation is not a reliable method to write an assignment, as different people have different perceptions about a specific situation.

Conducting appropriate observation will also help you develop impeccable analytical skills. You can use the same method keeping in mind the topic of your assignment. However, the students can use it to learn about the nature of humans. So, while observing something, try not to find answers to your questions but to look more profound than that.


Questionnaires are the easiest and fastest way to gather standardized information on a topic from people. Being a student of arts or humanities, you might be asked to attempt an assignment based on the views of a large group of the population. There is no scope for interviews or observations in such cases. Hence, you can use a brief list of questions to work on such assignments.

To make a questionnaire, ensure that you have framed the questions appropriately to get the relevant information for your assignment. You can frame a question using concise words directed toward your assignment topic. In this way, your assignment will become more authentic and specific.

# Analysis of the collected information

A thorough research work forms the basis of an excellent academic assignment. If your assignment topic is more analytical, you must conduct more extensive research. Let’s take a simple example of a history assignment. While working on it, you will stumble upon a pile of past documents and articles, newspaper clippings, and works of the past rulers. You have to carefully analyze each of them and form an opinion about them. Your opinions should be backed up by verified facts and evidence and remain unbiased.

Thus, the efficient analysis of collected data will enable you to write a compelling assignment.

#Case Study

A case study enables you to use a small sample to analyze a given topic critically. Case studies involve analyzing several cases, interviews, related newspaper articles, and research. An important aspect of case studies is that you have to lay out all the relevant details of the case for thorough analysis.

Case study is the method that is widely used in assignment writing. It requires extensive research to form a viewpoint or opinion on a specific topic. An in-depth understanding of this method will make your assignment one of a kind.

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Besides these methodologies, some other research methodologies are used for assignment writing. Let’s have a look at them.

# Narrative methodology

This method is using commonly in educational studies. In narrative analysis, researchers analyze the stories being told within the context of research.

# Close reading

Close reading involves a brief and careful explanation of the given topic. The explanation could be either theoretical or a literature review.

# Ethnography

This method involves recording and analyzing the culture of a society scientifically. Interviews and observational research are commonly used in ethnography.

# Theoretical method

This method has a different approach in each field and is quite different from the typical methodologies. A theoretical analysis involves making a logical argument about several assumptions.

# Oral history

This method employs both narrative analysis and ethnography. This method conducts historical research by recording interviews between two different narrators. One has a thorough knowledge of past events, and the other is a well-informed interviewer. Arts and humanities students use this method for research purposes.

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