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Mistakes to Avoid while Choosing a Moving Company

Mistakes to Avoid while Choosing

Moving to a new place is both exciting and troublesome for you. Most people are much concerned about the safety of their household items during their relocation. So, they rely on professional moving company to move safely and affordably. However, they are ignorant about the ways to choose the best packers and movers for their move. They search for these companies on Google and choose any random company for their move. These people end up choosing fraudulent movers unknowingly. The movers they choose are not licensed.

Plus, they do not have the right experience with them. So, they are not competent enough to offer the desired moving services to you. They have the sole objective of amassing more and more money from their clients. So, booking these movers is not an easy chore for you. Hence, you should always perform thorough research before booking your movers.

People, in general, commit a lot of mistakes while choosing their movers and packers. A few mistakes they commit while searching for professional movers are as follows:-

1. Hiring the Movers at the Eleventh Hour

Choosing the packers Packers and movers Noida to Kolkata at the last moment won’t benefit you at all.  When you book these companies in a jiffy, you will end up booking inexperienced movers. The reason is that you don’t have the required time to research them. Also, you won’t get the desired date on which you are planning to move. Plus, you won’t have the time to discuss the charges levied by your movers. In that case, you have no other option but to agree to the prices your mover has estimated. Thus, you should always book your packers and movers a few days before your move. This will provide you with enough time to research these movers. You can go through their customer feedback to know more about them if you have sufficient time with you.

packers and movers Noida to Kolkata

2. Accepting Random Quotes over the Phone

One of the common mistakes people commit is to accept any random quote from a particular mover. Today, a few fraud relocation companies provide you with the quote over the phone. People who accept these quotes fall into their trap. These movers offer the lowest costs for their services providers. However, the reality is that they only loot the money of the clients on the pretext of offering their services at the lowest prices. They demand more and more money from their clients from time to time. People get stressed due to their demands.

Sometimes, these fraud movers don’t release their goods for delivery and demand money from them. On the other hand, genuine movers don’t do such kinds of acts. They devise a genuine method to provide their quotes. These movers first visit the home of the clients and get to know about their consignment. Based on the consignment and other factors, they estimate the relocation prices of the clients. Hence, make sure not to accept any quote over the phone and ask for genuine quotes.

3. Not Getting a Written Contract

Some people trust their packers and movers from Noida to Kolkata so much. They believe in the false promises of their packing and moving companies. However, these promises are just eyewash. So, when you offer money to them, they run away with it. As you do not have a written contract with you, so you can’t do anything but repent upon not getting one. Hence, you should always go for a written contract before hiring any mover. This will save you from any inconvenience while booking your movers.

4. Not Asking the Right Questions

It is always good to ask any question that comes to your mind from your mover. This will provide additional details to you about your moving company. The best would be, however, to make a list of questions so that you can ask them from your packing and moving company. The more questions you ask, the better knowledge you gain about the mover’s reputation. A few important questions to ask from your shifting company are as follows:-

  • General details of your moving company such as its inception date
  • The total experience of the company in the moving domain
  • The strength of its employees and the kind of technologies they use to move your goods.

5. Not Getting the Insurance

Most people don’t get an insurance policy against their items. Due to this, they are unable to claim compensation for the damage to their items. In general, moving companies take extreme care of your goods while shifting them to your destination. Still, you never know what can happen on the road. So, it is best to take insurance to get compensation for any loss during the house shifting process. You only have to pay a meager amount of money to your mover and you can avoid the stress resulting from any damage to your items.

6. Not Sharing the Detailed Information

You must share all the relevant details about your move with your Packers and movers in Noida. Due to the absence of the right information, you may experience late delivery of your consignment and damaged items. In some cases, you will have to pay higher moving costs for a lighter consignment. So, it is extremely important to share the key information about your move such as the weight and size of your household items and other relevant information. Once the movers get to know your requirements, only then they will be able to provide the relocation service that meets your needs. Many people fail to give the right information about their relocation requirements. As a result, they face several problems during their relocation.

7. Not Knowing about the Hidden Charges

Most people don’t consider the hidden charges of the packers and movers before hiring them. This creates a lot of trouble for them as they have to pay additional charges to their movers in this case. Remember, certain charges are not included in the quote such as unpacking charges, loading and unloading charges, etc. So, it is important to consider these charges beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.


Now, you are well aware of the most common mistakes to avoid while hiring your packers and movers Noida to Kolkata. You can take note of them and avoid any stress by not committing them the next time you book a mover.

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