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Learn the Smart Method to Shrink PST File Without Outlook

Outlook uses the PST files to store all the mailbox data like Emails, Contacts, Notes, Tasks etc. Initially, Outlook (version 1992-2002) used the ANSI format to save data which had the storage capacity of 2GB. And soon, it used to get filled. Later it started using the UNICODE PST file format in 2010,2013, 2016, which increased the PST mailbox storage capacity ranging from 20GB – 50GB. As compared with the ANSI format, odds of UNICODE PST files reaching to its maximum limit are less. But nowadays we see that users are having data size which is getting beyond the 50GB size. So, now several users want to shrink PST file without an Outlook.

If you are one of them having an oversized PST file and needs to reduce the PST file size. Then you have arrived at the right place where the user will surely get the best solution.

When dealing with oversized Outlook data files. It becomes a crucial task to reduce the size of the PST file otherwise, they will face some challenges. So in the next section of this article we have mentioned some issues that occur when the Outlook PST file reaches its maximum storage limit.

Issues Faced When PST File Reaches Its Storage Limit       

When dealing with a large PST file that has reached the storage limit leads to several corruption and poor application functionality. So, to avoid those issues users must reduce PST file size without Outlook. Below we have mentioned a few issues that affect the Outlook performance.

  1. Whenever the size of the PST files attains the storage limit (50GB). Then the chances of PST file data getting damaged or corrupted increases. And in general cases, several mailbox data in PST files gets corrupted. This becomes an issue.
  2. Users can also face data inaccessibility issues. Usually, when a PST file gets oversized then it restricts the user access to the data. Hence, it gets important to Shrink PST File Without Outlook.
  3. Due to the PST file becoming oversized, it lowers the Outlook performance and it takes time in loading the data in Outlook.      

Note – Sometimes manual methods don’t work properly. It also takes time to compress the files. In such cases, we recommend users to use professional tools to shrink PST files.

The Advanced Method Quickly Shrink PST File Without Outlook

Users have an option to manually select the data in the PST file and remove them one by one. However, plenty of time is going to take to accomplish the job. Using a simple and short solution is a smart choice. In order to reduce PST file size without Outlook, users require a Smart PST Compressing Software that is capable of compacting batch PST files. It supports the ANSI and UNICODE PST files. Below we have discussed the detailed steps to use this tool for compressing Outlook PST files.     

  • Initially, launch the tool after downloading it and hit on the Add File or Add Folder option for loading the PST File.

select the PST files to compress

  • On the next screen, choose and open the PST file that users require to shrink the Outlook PST files.

  • Next step is to set the target location where the compressed PST files will be saved.

set the path to save file

  • Finally, select the Compress Now button to begin the process.

Shrink PST File Without Outlook

  • Now choose the appropriate option for shrinking the PST file.

Shrink PST File Without Outlook

What Other Facilities or Features This Software Offers?

By using this tool the users gets several benefits, which is listed below:

  • The tool offers the facility to shrink PST file without Outlook in batch. Multiple oversized PST files can be compact.
  • Without having an Outlook application, this tool can still compress the PST file.
  • It can reduce PST file size without Outlook by removing, Extracting, and saving attachments.
  • It also generates the Log Reports of compressed PST files and supports all the Windows OS and Outlook versions.

How to Manually Shrink PST File Without Outlook?

Outlook users can do a simple thing by deleting the unwanted files and visiting each mailbox data and delete it. However, this process can take an ample amount of time. So, here we have explained another manual technique that can reduce a significant amount of time to compress the PST file in Outlook.

  1. Initially run the Outlook application on the system to reduce PST file size without Outlook .
  2. Now, hit the file button and navigate to Account Settings > Account Settings option. 
  3. After landing on the Account Settings window, press the Data file tab, list of files with its location will be displayed. 
  4. Select the desired PST file to shrink and hit the Settings tab. 
  5. Outlook data file window will appear on the screen. Check the selected PST file and press the “Compact Now” button and hit “OK”.

Note – Sometimes manual methods don’t work properly. It also takes time to compress the files. In such cases, we recommend users to use professional tools to shrink PST file without Outlook. 

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This post explains the techniques to shrink PST file without Outlook. Here we have discussed a manual method to compress the PST file. Moreover, if users want to compact the PST file size then they can use the professional tool which has been discussed in this article.

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