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Import EML Files into Outlook – Well-Defined with Top 2 Methods

How to Import EML Files into Outlook? Described

Synopsis – If you are seeking a solution to import EML files into Outlook. So you can read this well-detailed blog. In this guide, We’ll go over both free and automatic paid methods for importing EML files into Outlook on Mac and Windows OS. Now let’s begin our blog.

Before proceeding with the solution to import EML files into Outlook, let’s first have a quick brief on what is EML and Outlook.

Extensible Markup Language is known as EML. An email message saved by an email program is known as an EML file. similar to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. The messages in an EML file include the subject, sender, recipients, recipients’ email addresses, message dates, and joined attachments.

Personal Storage Table is known as PST. It is a storage data file format of Microsoft Outlook, and stores the entire mailbox data of Outlook users. It offers a variety of features and facilities that make it very popular.

Why EML Should be Migrated to Outlook

Outlook is known by users worldwide as a secure and trusted service. This saves the data in PST file format. Outlook is a simultaneous organizer of emails, attachments, contacts, and calendar dates, if you want to convert email files to Outlook, then you must first convert the email file to Outlook’s document file layout (PST). After that import PST in Outlook.

After getting all the details about EML and the Outlook data file. Let’s move to word the procedure to transfer EML files into Outlook.

Method to Import EML Files into Outlook

Here in this section, we will be going to discuss two methods to transfer files into Outlook. Now, if you want a straightforward solution, let’s start with the automated method.

Method 1- Instant Solution For Import EML Files into Outlook

You can transfer EMl files into Outlook with the help of a third-party tool. I would like to suggest using the EML to PST Converter. With this tool, you can easily open your EML file in Outlook after importing EML files into PST and then import PST in Outlook. This utility is also able to batch convert from EML to Outlook.

This software is loaded with many great features and functions wonderfully.

Some of its primary characteristics include

i) It can Convert EML to PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, HTML, NSF, MHT, TXT, and Office 365.
ii) All email messages are displayed in a variety of layouts, and all attachments are exported.
iii) When converting EML messages to PST format, the message layout and properties are preserved. Additionally, the SMTP header of the EML mails is not changed.
iv) This software provides the option to create a separate PST for each folder.

Now let’s see all the simple steps of the tool-

1- Download and run the Tool to start the import process from EML to Outlook.
2- Then “Select” and “Browse” the EML files
3- Before converting EMl to Outlook, “Filter the emails
4- As a result, choose “PST
5- After that, hit on the “Save” Button”

Method 2: Using Drop and Down to Manually Import EML files into Outlook

If you don’t want to spend a penny and are looking for a free method then you can follow these steps. To follow this step, you need to have Outlook installed on your computer and if you have fewer EML files then, You can quickly drop up and down EML files in Outlook folders with this method.

Follow all the steps given below:

1- Open “Microsoft Outlook”.
2- In “Outlook”, create a “New Folder for EML files”.
3- Navigate to the folder where you saved the EML files.
4- Choose between “single and multiple files”.
5- With the help of a mouse pointer, drag and drop these files into the Outlook folder you created in step 2.

Note: You can move attachments with email files using this drag-and-drop method.

Although it is the quickest and simplest method, it has some restrictions and disadvantages because it is manual. Additionally, dragging and dropping multiple EML files is not recommended. It has the following drawbacks:

Users may not receive the output data with the same degree of data integrity as they did previously. When importing EML files into Microsoft Outlook, there is also a significant danger of data loss.
Users find it challenging to recall the full process. Therefore, there may also be a risk of human error.
Using the manual way is not practical if you need to transfer more EML files into Outlook. Only a small number of EML files can be moved using this method.

Wrapping Word

By reading this blog, Users learned methods to import EML files into Outlook through manual and automated solutions. it is a complete solution to transfer EML files into Outlook with attachments without losing information and I recommended you use the third-party tool.

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