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Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Therapy Market 2022 – 2029

Market Overview

Pune, India, 10th February 2022: The global hypoglossal nerve stimulation therapy market size is projected to showcase substantial development in the foreseeable future due to rising cases of sleep apnea. This information is published by Fortune Business Insights in its report, titled “Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Therapy Market, 2022-2029“. The implantable medical device stimulates hypoglossal nerve electrically to help sleep apnea patients. The rising cases of sleep disorders, geriatric population, increasing chronic disease cases, and others are major factors that drive the market growth. The developing healthcare system and associated industries are likely to propel market sales.

COVID-19 Impact

Market Experiences Logistic Issues Owing to Border Closures Amid Pandemic

The highly infectious coronavirus has been the cause of lockdown globally. This resulted in logistic issues in acquiring raw materials for the hypoglossal nerve stimulation therapy which further lead to production issues. The demand and supply chain was disrupted substantially due to border closures and the shutdown of various enterprises. The reducing coronavirus infection numbers have led various governments to relax lockdown norms and reopen multiple businesses. This is anticipated to boost the growth of the market in the forthcoming years once the situation normalizes.

Market Segmentation

Based on treatment devices

the market is segmented into Inspire II Upper Airway Stimulation device, Aura 6000 Sleep Therapy System, and others.

By product type

the market is divided into implantable, battery free, leadless, electrodes, and others.

On the basis of distribution channels

the market is fragmented into hospitals, specialty clinics and diagnostic laboratories, research and academic institutes, home settings, and others.

Based on geography

the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.

What Does the Report Contain?

The report has details on all the latest technology available in the hypoglossal nerve stimulation therapy hypoglossal nerve stimulation therapy industry. The report establishes the challenges of the market and advices various solution to them. It also mentions the growth stimulating factors, the restraints, consumption pattern, distribution channels, and all other vital information associated with the market.

Drivers & Restraints

Rising Prevalence of Sleep Disorders to Favor Market Sales

The rising prevalence of sleep disorders in addition to the geriatric population are the prime factors boosting product sales. This is generating the demand for a variety of implants in the market according to patient needs. For example, in 2018, Nyxoah SA. introduced a battery-free and leadless, minimally invasive neurostimulator with provisions to provide bilateral hypoglossal nerve stimulation in severe and moderate obstructive sleep apnea patients.

In addition to this, the various advances in the product such as automation, miniaturization, and others are improving patient compliance. These are the major factors for hypoglossal nerve stimulation therapy market growth.

Regional Insights

Changing Lifestyle in North America to Spur Market Growth

North America

This is due to the changing lifestyle and rise in sleep disorder cases in the region. For example, in 2019, a study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health released data that accounted for 40% of Americans to be obese and 18% to be severely obese. The increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases also fuels the growth of such implants.


Europe is expected to hold a substantial market share in the forthcoming years. This is owing to the rising healthcare awareness along with increasing government initiatives in the healthcare sector.

Competitive Landscape

Major Players Invested in Product Updates to Strengthen their Market Position

The market for hypoglossal nerve stimulation therapy is fragmented by the presence of several major companies. Moreover, stringent regulatory scenarios in most of the leading economies intensify the company stability with constant updates and quality checks required to maintain standards. The growing investment in this market is expected to exponentially boost this industry and give lucrative returns. Prominent players are focused on technological innovation by investing in research and development.

List of Key Players Profiled in the Market: 

  • Nyxoah SA.
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Curative Medical
  • Braebon Medical Corporation
  • BMC Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Oventus, Invacare Corporation

Table Of Content: Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Therapy Market

Moreover, Introduction

1.1. Moreover, Research Scope

1.2. Moreover, Market Segmentation

1.3. Moreover, Research Methodology

1.4. Moreover, Definitions and Assumptions

Executive Summary

Market Dynamics

3.1. Moreover, Market Drivers

3.2. Moreover, Market Restraints

3.3. Moreover, Market Opportunities

Moreover, Key Insights

4.1. Key Industry Developments – Moreover, Merger, Acquisitions, and Partnerships

4.2. Porter’s Five Forces Moreover, Analysis

4.3. Moreover, SWOT Analysis

4.4. Moreover, Technological Developments

4.5. Moreover, Value Chain Analysis

4.6. Moreover, Impact of COVID-19 on Market

5.Key Findings / Moreover, Summary

5.1 North America Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Country

5.1.1 North America Sales and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

5.1.2 North America Revenue and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

5.2 United States Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

5.3 Canada Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

5.4 Mexico Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

8 South America by Country

8.1 South America Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Country

8.1.1 South America Sales and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

8.1.2 South America Revenue and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

8.2 Brazil Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

8.3 Argentina Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

8.4 Colombia Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

9 Middle East and Africa by Countries

9.1 Moreover, Middle East and Africa Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Country

9.1.1 Middle East and Africa Sales and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

9.1.2 Moreover, Middle East and Africa Revenue and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

9.2 Saudi Arabia Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

9.3 Moreover, Turkey Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

9.4 Egypt Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

9.5 Moreover, Nigeria Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

10 U.S. Healthcare Assets Management Market In Developing Countries

11 South America Analysis by Countries

12 Moreover, Competitive Landscape

13 Moreover, Industry Outlook

13.1 Moreover, Market Driver Analysis

13.1.2 Moreover, Market Restraints Analysis

13.1.3 Moreover, Market Trends Analysis

13.2 Moreover, Merger, Acquisition and New Investment

13.3 Moreover, News of Product Release

14 Moreover, Global Forecast

15 Moreover, New Project Feasibility Analysis

15.1 Moreover, Industry Barriers and New Entrants SWOT Analysis

15.1.1 Moreover, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

15.1.2 Moreover, New Entrants SWOT Analysis

15.2 Moreover, Analysis and Suggestions on New Project Investment


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