How to Identify Real Pure Honey When Shopping: Ways and Tips


Honey has been one of the most in-demand viscous substances for a long time. And because of its purity and sweet flavor, it is a favorite of all age groups. But with the growing demand and less supply, it has been one of the most faked foods in the world too. People are searching for it online all over the world. For people in Frisco searching for “pure honey online in Frisco” to buy natural honey and other cities are their research. And if you are one of those who loves the dense and rich sweet flavor but didn’t know how to test whether the honey is pure or not. Then this guide is for you.

First of all, Let’s understand What is the meaning of pure honey

Definition of Pure Honey:

What exactly is pure honey in your mind? If you have raw honey from the bees. Then Yes! you are right but you have to understand the different types of finding the purity of the honey too.

There are three types of pure honey 1) pure Honey 2) Pure Monofloral Honey 3) Multifloral Honey.

The first types are in which no additives and adulterated material are added. But it doesn’t mean that it is raw or organic. The second type is which is collected from a single kind of plant and nectar. And the third type is collected from different kinds of plants and nectars.

But when you go shopping honey you will find all jars are the same. And they might not mention it. And that is why it is hard to believe which type of honey is pure and which is fake. Thus, there are some basic tests like the C4 carbohydrate test. Which separates the two sugars, the natural one and the fake one. Honey is one of the best natural substances in the world but now there are numerous labs that can manufacture fake honey.

So, let’s explore the ways to find pure honey and fake honey.

Some Signs that Your Honey is Fake:

1) It is Not Runny Naturally:

If you want to find out if you have pure honey or not. Then let me tell you that natural honey is more dense, viscous, and thick. And it is runny when it is warm. And if the honey is not pure then it will not spread while warm like the natural one.

2) Its crystallization:

Firstly, the honey in which the crystallization takes place is pure. And you can think that it is pure. But also keep in mind that it does not apply to all 3 types of pure honey. But don’t worry because we will talk about the tests and what to ask from the seller when buying honey.

3) The sweetness:

The third sign is sweetness. However, fake honey has some added sugar and some other elements to make it more sweet. But nature is nature. And the natural flavor will feel different and natural.

I am sure that you are still not sure about how to identify pure honey and fake. So, don’t worry, try the below tests, and then you will be sure of that.

Honey Test with Thumb:

Okay now put the drop of the honey on the nail of your thumb. And watch if the run falls down or stays on the nail. As I said, pure honey is a viscous substance. So, that means if the honey stays on the thumbnail then it is pure. Otherwise, your honey is not pure. And if the honey is warm then cool it and then do the test. And you will find out very easily.

Honey Test with Vinegar:

Using vinegar to find out pure honey is also a simple test that will clarify whether the honey is pure or not. Both these elements have a chemical bonding. So, when you add 2 or 3 drops of vinegar. And if the honey does not make any type of foam. Then your honey is fake, otherwise, your honey is pure.

Honey test with Water:

Many people know this test, so, take a glass of water and add a spoon of honey to it. And if the honey dissolves with the water, then it is fake. Otherwise, if it is settled then you have pure honey.

The Heat Test:

Honey is flammable and if you fire it up it will catch it immediately. Or start making bubbles in the honey. And if the honey is not pure then it will not catch fire.

You should Ask These Questions while Buying Honey:

If you are in any part of the world like in California or in Frisco then writing “pure honey online in Frisco” will lead you to many pages. But for buying it real you should keep in mind these things.

  1. Firstly, if the jar has a label of pure honey on it. Yes, it is obvious, so let’s move on to the next step.
  2. Secondly, what is their reputation online? Do they have many reviews and customer satisfaction reviews?
  3. Thirdly, are they sharing their manufacturing and production procedure?
  4. Fourthly, are they transparent about sharing the information of their packaging and maintaining process?
  5. Lastly, do they have any kind of certificate or license of purity?


Eating natural and pure honey is very beneficial but finding the pure one is very difficult. And if you are searching it online. For if you are in Frisco and you wrote “pure honey online in Frisco” then there will be many options will be displayed for you. And to check the authenticity, and purity by doing some tests like the Thumb test, water test, heat test, and Vinegar test. And the natural honey does crystallize, it is more sweet and it is runny naturally.

If you want to find the honey online then you have to see that they are transparent about their packaging and production process. Or do they have any reputed presence online or not?  So, this is the whole guide to finding pure honey for you. And I hope you know you are ready to buy and test the pure one.


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