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How to Find the Best Stomach Pain Treatment

How to Find the Best Stomach Pain Treatment

How often do we encounter the phrase “Kill the evil in the bud”? The phrase is true if you are searching for the best stomach pain treatment. Before heading towards a solution, it is necessary to figure out the reason behind this suffering. Are you familiar with the general causes of stomach pain? If you want to know which stomach pain means what, stay active! And let me guide you to the best stomach pain treatment!

An Account of General Causalities for Stomach Pain 

Any malfunctioning or turbulence in the body system or organ is a result of what we do with them. Many times we encounter health problems like stomach pain due to our negligence. Let me tell you how!

Case 1- A 9 Year Child Got Stomach Pain Due to Constipation

Once I dealt with a patient suffering from stomach pain. He was 9 years old and screaming badly due to stomach pain. The duty staff informed me and I visited the child in hurry. Being a child, he panicked by sudden stomach pain. I tried to divert his mind by cracking some jokes and frankly asked about his condition. According to the mother, his child had a healthy routine. But when I examined thoroughly, I asked multiple questions. Then, I conclude that the boy had not pooped for 1 day and now the gas in his belly was irritating him badly. The best stomach pain treatment (pait dard ka ilaj) in his case was a gentle massage on the belly that was stiffed because there was a blockage in the excretory passage. A gentle massage along with a laxative was helpful to get relief.

Case 2- My Son Complaint about Stomach Pain When He was Stressed

This case is very interesting. One day, my son told my wife that he had stomach pain. It was morning time and I was astonished because before complaining about stomach pain he was taking permission for a leave from school. I am not saying that he was laying. He was not lying when he said, he felt the stomach pain (pait Dard). It was not an excuse from his side. He was worried about the school test.

There is always a link between anxiety and stress and renal hormones, that is they control the fight and flight condition and slow down the digestion process. The same thing was happening with my child. I preferred talk therapy in his case to calm him. Obviously, he could not even perform well in his test due to this stomach cramping. I told his mother to give him bananas and apples in his lunch box (BART diet). She also helped him by not scowling at him again and after that, she took good care of him.

Case 3- I Suffered From Severe Stomach Pain Due to Diarrhea 

Being an adult, I am responsible for my acts. So, I do what I like to. We must harm our health by our choices. But I was not wise enough in my hostel life. Especially, I abandon my health for the taste of my tongue. I used to order junk foods and bakery products during my hostel life. It was even more threatening for me when I accounted for my laziness along with this. I was accustomed to lay down just after a meal. The consequences were, I felt chest burning, nausea, and severe stomach pain due to diarrhea. I did not give attention to my condition and my carelessness brought me to the hospital emergency.

The doctor examined me and after the complete checkup, he advised me to stay away from junk and fried oily foods and take exercise regularly. He also gave me instructions to take meals on time and do not lay down just after a meal.

Best Stomach Pain Treatment

I have just mentioned a few cases from my life. But, multiple factors are grounds for any type of stomach pain. A stomach can be severe but not serious, or mild but very dangerous.

Stomach Pain Treatment-Sever But not Serious Conditions

Most of the time, a stomach is an outcome of digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, and abdominal muscle cramping. Digestive issues include diarrhea, constipation, IBS, inflammation, and food poisoning. The simple treatment in such conditions is to check and balance our diet and make lifestyle changes. By lifestyle changes I mean, adopting an exercising habit and avoiding alcohol, drink, junk, and tobacco for jaryan treatment.

Stomach Pain Treatment-Mild but Very Dangerous Condition

Appendix, spleen, hernia, and gallstone are often characterized by mild stomach pain in beginning. You must not neglect such type o pain and go for a thorough examination by a general physician to figure out the cause of pain. After a complete diagnosis, he will suggest you proper treatment including a diet plan and some other precautionary steps as a regimental therapy to circumvent more complexities.

Stomach Pain Treatment-An Emergency Condition

Sometimes stomach pain can lead to an emergency condition. For example, call an ambulance if;

  • For gestational pain arises at the end of the gestation period
  • When feeling severe stomach pain accompanied by vomiting. This might be due to the appendix. A delay can cause a life-threatening condition.

To make a long story short, a stomach pain treatment (gas ka ilaj) is correlated with the causes of stomach pain. If you figure out the actual reason at an early stage, you can get rid of stomachache in no time. Even you can avoid stomach pain in the future by sticking to precautionary measures strictly.

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