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How to charge your laptop with a power bank when you’re on the go

A power bank is basically an external battery that can charge your devices when you’re away from an outlet. They’re great for your phone, but what about your laptop? It turns out you can charge your laptop with a power bank too! It just takes a few extra steps to make sure everything works correctly. Here’s how to charge your laptop with a power bank


Tips Before You Go

Power banks and laptops don’t always get along, so it’s important to check compatibility before making that purchase. Also, don’t forget: Most models of power banks will only output enough juice for about one full charge of your phone. You probably won’t be able to use it as a substitute for an extra battery pack for your laptop. For more details  laptop for data analysis



The Best Power Banks for Laptops

Most of us are familiar with portable chargers, or power banks as they’re often called. These small, convenient devices can extend a smartphone’s battery life and make it possible to be productive without worrying about finding an outlet. But what if you need extra juice for your laptop? If you find yourself away from an outlet and in need of some extra power for your computer, don’t fret— there are ways to get around that! Here’s how to charge your laptop with a power bank when you’re on-the-go.


While Travelling by Air

Power banks are convenient because they’re portable, but also because they can charge multiple devices at once. Your phone is probably getting less than 10 hours of screen-on time per day (we know, it’s sad), so why not use that extra time to give your laptop a boost? If you plan ahead and bring an Anker PowerCore+ 20100 portable charger for business travelers or any other similar one, then you can make sure that your laptop stays powered up without having to worry about where an electrical outlet is. These smaller battery packs often come with USB ports, allowing them to double as travel adapters in many instances. To learn more about how these things work, check out our guide: How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Laptop On The Go?


While Travelling by Train, Bus or Car

When charging devices while travelling by train, bus or car, there are three considerations. Power quality – Is it safe to use? Power duration – Will it last all day? Charging device availability – Do I have all my chargers for each device that needs charged? This post will discuss those considerations and help you determine what will work best for your situation.


All About Power Banks

If you’re anything like me, then there is an 80% chance that your smartphone is almost always dead. It seems as though everyone has iPhones nowadays, so I usually carry around an extra charger in my bag just in case my phone dies. After talking with some friends and doing some research, I found out that most smartphones do not come equipped with a USB port, so they cannot be charged directly from another device. That means that if we want to make sure our phones are fully charged before heading out of town or going on vacation, we will need an external battery source.

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