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How to adopt the Scandinavian style in your home?

Clean, warm and design, the Scandinavian style is a style inspired by the Nordic countries. Here are some tips for adopting it effectively.

Make the living rooms communicate

Scandinavian decoration is a simple and pleasant style that favors good circulation between rooms. The best way to set it up is therefore to ensure that your rooms can communicate with each other. Your kitchen could thus open into your dining room; your dining room in your living room, etc. To delineate the spaces, you can use nice rugs or paint the walls in slightly different colors. In all cases, it will be advisable to use as few doors as possible and, failing that, to install sliding doors, for more practicality.

Choose functional furniture

One of the key words of the Scandinavian look is storage! Your house will therefore have to be functional, with minimalist furniture as desired. You will need to optimize the space by opting for intelligent and modular storage: stackable stool, sideboard, nesting table, etc. Go for exmaples. Furniture in light colors is perfectly suited to the Scandinavian style. Solid wood should be your material of choice. Furniture in stained wood, bleached or smoked wood, for example, will look great. Choose them in natural materials such as oak, beech, pine or ash. Likewise, it would be desirable for your furniture to be geometric in shape. In addition, you should give preference to low furniture with clean lines. Do not hesitate to put beautiful shelves to highlight your collections, your books, your memories… In addition to helping you to make space, this will allow you to add a friendly side to your rooms.

Use soft hues

Moreover, for a Nordic style at home, one of the golden rules is to favor neutral colors. Your dominant color should be white, with different variations. For your furniture, for example, you will have to prefer pure white. However, you can also choose colors like gray or blue. On the other hand, for your walls, you will have to prefer off-white. However, you can add a few touches of pastel (water green, sky blue, etc.) to give the whole a bit of vitality. Similarly, beautiful cushions, rugs and well-chosen plaids will suffice to give touches of color to your decoration.

Multiply light sources

To be sure to wear the right Scandinavian style, it will be necessary to bet on beautiful luminosity. Indeed, the Scandinavian countries are countries where the sun sets extremely quickly, hence the need for good lighting. For this, you can add candles for a retro effect and a warm atmosphere. You can also and above all play on the lights. For this type of decoration, it is necessary to avoid using only one lighting, within the same room. Therefore, rather than having just one large ceiling light, the best would be to lay different styles of floor lamp, from right to left. Suspensions will be very pleasant, for example, above your worktops.

Accessorize with textiles

To complete your Nordic style, you will also have to play with textiles. Whether for your cushions, for your rugs, for your curtains or for your plaids, colorful textiles will bring life to your interior. For this, it would be preferable to choose printed and graphic patterns in order to have beautiful touches of color. Likewise, colors such as powder pink, yellow or anise green will suit your curtains very well. Preferably use materials such as organic cotton or linen. In addition, by dressing your floors and windows with rugs and pretty curtains, you will more easily put in place this cozy and cocooning side, so characteristic of the Scandinavian style. Doing so will also help reduce noise in your home.

Prioritize durable objects

To perfect your Scandinavian look, you must take care to bring authenticity to your interior. To achieve this, your decorative objects could make the difference with materials such as porcelain or ceramics. This authenticity can be highlighted through noble materials such as wood and marble. Your everyday objects should also be objects that do not wear out quickly. You can opt for glass jars, stoneware plates, thick wooden boards in the kitchen… In general, it is advisable to use as little plastic as possible. Also these authentic objects will be used to counterbalance unattractive accessories such as flat screen, speakers, small appliances… For example, you can complete the Scandinavian TV stand a pretty mottled vase or holiday memories made of quality materials to make you forget about the television screen.

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