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Five Amazing Benefits Of Cranberries

A typical tiny, dark-red fruit with a number of health advantages is Cranberry, best found in native America. Since cranberries are so high in vitamins and antioxidants, many people include this special fruit on a regular basis in their diets in addition to the traditional cranberry sauce during festive celebrations.


Taste wise, there’s hardly any berry that beats cranberry, but do these also provide any health benefits?


Being a fruit mainly found in America, it is however available in several forms in India like, Dried berries, Juices, Tablets, Gummies, Capsules.


Let’s check out five health benefits that cranberry carries within itself that male it so popular & sought the world over.

Benefit No-1: Excellent Source of Anti-Ageing Antioxidants

Ageing occurs due to the ‘Oxidation’ process. When the body is harmed by environmental stressors, food stressors, or just general life stressors, oxidation takes place. Antioxidants assist our bodies cope with these aggressors and guard against cellular deterioration. Some people view cranberries as a superfood because of its ‘Anti-Ageing’ high antioxidant content, abundance in nutrients, and presence of phytochemicals like Proanthocyanidins (PACs), Vitamin C, and flavanol polyphenols.


Source of Vitamin C


A 2009 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when blood was examined, more than 7% of individuals aged six and older had vitamin C deficiency. More than half of those polled reported eating a few foods high in vitamin C. 100 grams of cranberries, or one serving, contain 25% of the daily recommended allowance for vitamin C.


Best Source of Quercetin:


The powerful antioxidant polyphenol quercetin, which has been discovered by researchers to have anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular properties, is present in abundance in cranberries. Quercetin has been shown in several studies to have some favourable effects on the gut microbiome, which means that it promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Highest Source of Proanthocyanidins (PAC):

Urinary tract infections are the most common & prominent ailments that cranberry supplements are used to treat. The high PAC in Cranberries does not allow the Urinary Infection bacteria to stick to the inside of the urinary tract & protects from UTIs, which are a cause of immense discomfort to the sufferer.

Few people are aware, that cranberries may also be advantageous for people with digestive issues, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.


Benefit No-2: Cranberries and Urinary Tract Infections


A 2014 study published in Clinical Infectious Disease suggests that cranberry supplements may be cost-effective and useful in the prevention of urinary tract infections. The usefulness of cranberry supplements in avoiding recurrent urinary tract infections in persons at risk was verified by a 2013 study. Additionally, a 2014 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society found that taking a cranberry supplement decreased the incidence of a urinary infection by 26% in high-risk seniors living in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.


How may cranberries be useful? The cranberry fruit’s molecules, which work to stop the ‘E.Coli’ bacteria, which accounts for 80% of infections, from adhering to the bladder wall and spreading infection, hold the key to the solution.


Benefit No-3: Cranberries and Diabetes


Diabetes, often known as diabetes mellitus type 2, is a condition caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Millions of people worldwide are impacted by this illness. High blood sugar (glucose) levels in diabetics harm blood vessels, nerves, and organs like the kidneys and eyes through an oxidative process similar to how rust develops on a car due to environmental factors. Diabetes raises the risk of renal failure, heart attack, stroke, and foot amputation.


A balanced diet is crucial for managing diabetes. A 2017 study found that adding cranberries to a high-fat meal may assist people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar levels, while a 2017 study found that cranberries may even help insulin work more effectively. A 2018 study also found that daily cranberry juice (240 mL) consumption for 12 weeks “showed a favourable effect on glucose control” in diabetics. Keep in mind that while cranberry Juice commonly available in the market is laden with sugar and is not a natural juice. It also does not provide any health benefits that Cranberry is so famous the world over for. It is also important to know that commonly available Cranberry Juice is has negligible content of ‘Proanthocyanidins’, which is the key component for providing all the health benefits especially in Urinary Tract Infections & therefore has no health benefits.


Benefit No-4: Cranberries, Heart and Blood Pressure:


In the United States, Europe, and Asia, heart disease is the leading cause of death. Unfortunately, heart disease will advance as more nations replace their traditional diets with those of the West. Heart and vascular disease mortality alone kill almost 1 million individuals annually in the United States. Of the 7.6 billion individuals living in the world, more than 1 billion have high blood pressure, making it one of the main risk factors for heart disease.


One of the most crucial strategies to avoid heart disease and reduce inflammation in the arteries and heart is by eating the correct foods. Numerous studies have demonstrated the Mediterranean diet’s heart-health advantages. Among people with high cardiovascular risk, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts decreased the incidence of major cardiovascular events, according to a 2013 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Cranberries might also be significant. Cranberries have been linked to improved heart health, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol, according to a 2016 study. The physician of the future might advise including cranberries in one’s diet as a way to fend off heart disease.


Benefit No-5: Cranberries and Digestive Health:


Hippocrates said that “All disease begins in the gut” more than 2,000 years ago. This is supported by science, and attention to gut health is essential for enhancing general health. In addition to nourishing our body with food, we also feed the good bacteria in our gut when we eat. These beneficial bacteria support a healthy immune system and keep the body strong. Illness develops when the intestinal tract is out of balance.


Studies show that the nutrients in cranberries function as a prebiotic, or “food” for our good gut flora, like ‘Bifidobacteria’. In addition to improving our digestion and nutritional absorption, these bacteria help prevent the expansion of potentially hazardous pathogenic bacteria in our intestinal system.


Helicobacter Pylori also known as H.Pylori is a type of stomach bacteria that, when present, raises the risk of both stomach cancer and ulcers. In the event that a patient complains of stomach problems like acid reflux or gastritis, doctors usually test for these bacteria. According to studies, consuming Pure Cranberry Juice may aid in the removal of these germs from the stomach. The H.Pylori infection in 189 men’s stomachs was also shown to be suppressed by pure cranberry juice in a 2005 study. Ask your doctor if you can use this herb if you have been given the H.Pylori diagnosis. It is important to know that Pure Cranberry Juice is not easily available in India.

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Conclusion & Inference:


Cranberries are little berries with a red tint. They taste sweet to the point of addiction. Cranberrie are adored by many people and also make a delectable addition to fruit salads. They also have a lot of positive health effects. Consuming cranberries frequently can do so much more than only reduce your risk of getting a UTI—it can also boost your immunity and help your cardiovascular health.


However despite all these advantages, Cranberries or Pure Cranberry Juice is not available in India. The commonly available Cranberry Juices in India are laden with Sugar & therefore do not offer the advantages that Cranberry is so well admired for worldwide. These Cranberry Juices are also not suitable for Diabetics as they have high sugar content. Besides this they are contain negligible quantity of Proanthocyanidins or PAC & Vitamin C, which is the key ingredient for deriving all the positive benefits of Cranberries. Even most commonly available brands of Cranberry in tablets or capsules have poor PAC Content thereby offering no health advantage. The best health benefits are available only in Pure American Cranberries extract Capsules which is available only from a few select companies which offer the highest PAC & Vitamin C content.




Safety: Please note, American Cranberry Capsules are a safe to use product. However it is always recommended that you consult your treating Doctor if you are undergoing any treatment or therapy.


Dose: American Cranberry Capsules are a safe to use product. You can start with 2 Capsules daily for 15 days initially at breakfast with water & scale down to 1 Capsule daily subsequently.


For your convenience we have provided the purchase link of one of the finest product of 100% Pure & Original American Cranberry Capsules to get the best benefits which makes Cranberry so popular & sought after worldwide.


We strongly recommend that you must consider Pure American Cranberry Supplements or any other supplement only from a reputable company like Skytag Bioteq. Check them out because they not only assure you the purest health care supplements but also have top-notch customer service. In case of any needful clarification, we strongly suggest you reach out to their ‘Customer Care & Support Helpline’ to clear your doubts immediately. Their Helpline is led by a well experienced doctor to give you a unbiased support & clear your doubts.

So, for improved health, pop some Pure American Cranberry Caps!


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Hope you found the Blog interesting & informative.


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