Cakes by Florist Chennai

Cakes by Florist Chennai

Midnight cake delivery in Chennai Cakes are the most loved desserts of all time on every occasion. You can have a slice of cake whether you are celebrating your promotion. Your birthday, or even any other special day like anniversaries or weddings.

However, every occasion needs a special type of cake that can go with the theme of the celebration, right?

Choosing a cartoon cake for someone’s promotion won’t make sense, and the same goes with celebrating a wedding with a dry fruit cake.

Therefore, we make cakes for every occasion and of every flavour and taste to suit your liking as well. Today, we’ll have a look at our popular cakes that can make any occasion joyful.

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8 Cakes for Your Next Celebration

Check out the collection of cakes that we offer:

Five-Star Bakery Cakes

In our 5-star bakery cakes, you’ll receive premium cakes from the famous Taj Bakers in Chennai. Your taste buds will thank us for the luxurious and soft taste that you’ll get in every bite.

You get to experience the moist, fudgy, and tender dessert in a variety of flavours, including pineapple, black forest, chocolate, and vanilla.

The black forest and vanilla cakes are topped with cherries, and the pineapple one is in the heart shape, giving a beautiful vibe and the tangy, spicy taste of pineapple. All these 5-star premium cakes come in the range of INR 2,200 to 2,400 per KG.

Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are special occasions, and Florist Chennai ensures that you or your loved ones enjoy them to the fullest with delicious cakes and prompt delivery.

We even offer midnight cake delivery in Chennai to give a surprise birthday cake.

Our birthday cakes come in different varieties such as photo cakes, assorted pastries, badam and pista cakes, cat-shaped red velvet cakes, and flavoured cakes such as vanilla cherry, chocolate, black forest, butterscotch, choco fudge, choco red velvet, coffee, choco truffle, rose strawberry, white forest, pineapple, honey, mango, kiwi fruit, and many more.

All of these cakes range from INR 575 to 4,500 depending on their size, design, and flavour.

Exotic Cakes

In exotic cakes, you’ll get to taste the exotic flavours in every layer of the cake that are perfectly mixed and organised in a way that can give a blast of delicious taste to your taste buds. They can vary according to the occasion. Whatever the celebration is, you get to receive a cake that is baked and designed to perfection.

The exotic cakes from our collection that you can choose from are Ferrero ecstacy, fruit chocolate, honey rainbow, Irish coffee, fresh fruit, KitKat-Gems, Lychee Smash, mango vanilla, and many more. Moreover, these cakes are priced at between INR 650 and 2,975.

Kids Cakes

Throwing a birthday party for a kid and not ordering a cake does not make sense. And as kids love their birthday parties, there should be something special to add to their happiness. That’s exactly what we do.

The Florist Chennai’s birthday cakes are priced only at INR 725 and 3,825, which will depend on the cake’s size and design. Get the best Midnight cake delivery in Chennai.

The designs and themes you can choose from include Barbie cake, Angry Bird photo cake, superhero cake, teddy bear cake, princess photo cake, Minnie standing cake, Mickey standing cake, Lady Bug cake, guitar cake, Hello Kitty cake, car cake, and so many others.

Party Cakes

You must be confused about what type of cake will suit any party, whether for an anniversary, birthday, celebration, or any other special day.

Our party cakes are the perfect solution to your confusion. Once you visit our website, you’ll have a huge collection of party cakes to choose from.

For example, we have twin heart cakes, wedding anniversary cakes, wedding ring cakes, minion photo cakes, fondant cakes, emoji cakes, Jungle King cakes, choco-chip truffles, designer chocolate cakes, etc.

Photo Cakes

If you want to personalise cakes, photo cakes are your best option. They are a cute and thoughtful surprise for your loved ones. You just have to send their photo and leave the rest to us.

Moreover, you get to choose different flavours in photo cakes as well, such as vanilla, chocolate, pista, honey, kiwi, black forest, red velvet, and many others. You can also choose any cartoon photo, such as princess, Minions, Dora, fairy, etc., for kid’s celebration.

Wedding Cakes

Nowadays, weddings can’t be completed without cutting a cake. For that reason, we offer wedding cakes in various flavours and themes. Such as heart-shaped floral vanilla cake, 2 tier chocolate cake, 3 tier rose-bush cake, etc.

These cakes can range from INR 1,075 to 5,800 according to their weight and design.

Within 4-Hour Delivery Cakes

Yes, you read that right. We even offer the earliest 4-hour delivery of cakes such as assorted pastries, black currant (1/2 KG), black forest, butter scotch, chocolate truffle, Dora, flower basket, rose, strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, pista, vanilla, white forest, red velvet, and more. These cakes range between just INR 599 and 3,300.

Summing Up

All the mushy, soft-textured, and full of flavoured cakes that we deliver to our clients. Make their events or celebrations perfect. Moreover, we offer cakes from 0.5 KG, 1 KG, 2 KG, and 5 KG that can be delivered at midnight and within 24 hours.

So, now that you’ve learned about premium and elegant cakes to funny cartoon cakes. Treat your loved ones with these sweet delicacies at affordable prices.

Also, get flower and midnight flower delivery in Chennai with Florist Chennai.

Florist Chennai

If you want to order a cake for your birthday, it is recommended that you should get in touch with the online cake delivery services. You will find it difficult to send the cake directly to your house. online cake delivery in Chennai

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