Boost Business With the Help Of Field Force Automation Software

Two components are necessary for your business to make profits: your employees and customers. Field force automation software is here to help you manage your field force to help it serve customers with the best services. Through automation, the burden of repetitive task is unloaded from both employees and managers, which in turn help them to manage their clients better.

Automation can successfully save a lot of time and effort wasted away on manually trying to manage field operations from both ends. Field employees, like technicians and salespeople, significantly contribute to the company’s revenue. These are also the face of the company as they are the ones in front of the client servicing them.

It becomes important to focus on and manage them efficiently to ensure they do their best to maintain a loyal customer base.

Field Force Automation Software: Blessing to Organization

Before the field force automation software, there existed a huge gap between the field agents and customers, with the agents having little information about the customer’s problem. This restricted them from doing their best.

But now that the software has come into the scene, through automation, the software is streamlining all the operations allowing field executives to work remotely with ease. They are well aware of the tasks assigned.

As for managers, they get to supervise their technicians and sales representatives remotely as well. They no longer have to call them to get updates constantly. Instead, they have the exact GPS details of the field agents on their field force management software app. With the help of the software, managers can monitor the real-time developments with the agent on the field, schedule future tasks, and be there to guide them.

Automation software is further helping with the following:

  • Helping managers plan an optimum task and schedule for agents.
  • Maintain easy and flowing communication with field employees.
  • Eliminate manually managing and tracking employees
  • Auto-generate reports to analyze employee performance.
  • Auto-assign tasks to technicians.

How does Field Force Automation Software Boost Field Services?

The success of any business is determined based on its loyal customer base, revenue generated, and employee satisfaction. Field force monitoring systems can help you achieve a productive and efficient workforce that automatically helps you serve your silence the best, leading to doubled profits.

Providing Customers with Satisfied Service

Sometimes the field agents might misguide the manager by claiming that the client was unavailable when they did not even visit the location. To ensure that such fabrication is avoided, the software comes with features that allow the manager to view the real-time location of the agents.

The travel history is saved and can be reviewed to ensure that the agent did visit the clients. Furthermore, the software helps assign tasks that align with each technician’s expertise. This further helps in ensuring that the clients are served the best of services.

Providing Quick Access to Data

Manually managing documents can be chaotic for every organization. And field agents can no way carry a bunch load of papers while serving the clients. So it’s best to possess a technology that digitalizes the documents and can be used remotely.

The software allows agents to upload documents on the cloud space provided easily. This method is quicker and less prone to human errors in manually filed and filled documents. In addition, the document, once uploaded, is visible to managers automatically.

Supports Remote Working

Relying on operation methods that are not remote working supported can cause harm the productivity and efficiency of agents. They will not be able to serve the clients to the best of their capacity. Field force management software is designed to rather promote remote working not only for employees only but also for managers. 

Through the software’s application, managers can allot tasks, edit them and track their employees’ location and productivity. In addition, employees have access to the data stored on the cloud remotely, communicate with other team members, and collect data like feedback remotely.

Promotes Employee Engagement

There are a lot of benefits to possessing engaged employees. Engagement among the field executives leads to motivation and confidence and boosts satisfaction. Since the software allows managers to monitor their employees from afar, they can give the employees the freedom to make their decisions while working. This helps to promote confidence among them.

Knowing that they are still being monitored despite the freedom of working and making decisions keeps them from straying.

Features of Field Force Automation Software That Will Help Boost Your Business

There are certain features of the field force monitoring software that helps the organization automate tasks and supervision of employees. These features can be game changers for how an organization works, how managers supervise their employees and the ways in which employees serve their clients.

  • Bulk Task Uploading: Managers can upload a month’s worth of tasks in advance. They will automatically be visible to employees. This eliminates the time wasted manually assigning jobs.
  • Geocoded Attendance: The software comes with geocoded attendance to simplify the process and make it more manager and employee-friendly. It automatically marks the agent’s attendance once they reach their task location.
  • Real-Time Location and Task Tracking: to save time and effort, managers can track real-time task and location updates of their agents on their phones.
  • In Built Chat Box, the software provides a built-in chat box promoting seamless communication. For example, it allows employees to chat with managers and send videos, photos, and voice notes.
  • Expense Management: in order to keep the workforce happy and motivated, field force management software provides instant reimbursements. Executives can easily upload their bills and receipts, which will be visible to managers to approve automatically.
  • Custom Forms: now, employees no longer need to carry feedback forms. They can simply get them filled on custom forms digitally. Also, the cloud storage lets the agents upload all their documents for remote access.


Now that you know how beneficial field force automation software can be in driving profits, it’s time to invest in one. By doing so, you will be ensuring doubled profits and seamless client service.

TrackoField is a leading workforce management software that can help you automate business operations with its technically competent features and tools.

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