If you are going to spend summer 2022 making up for all the lipstick shades you couldn’t glide on, here are the latest lipstick shades that everyone is crushing on. Whether you have found true love in matte lipsticks or are loyal to the effortless swipes of tinted lip gloss, our list of Tippie shades covers it all!

1. Onslaught Of Orange

Orange lips are the latest lipstick shades this summer. Warmer and fresher than your everyday reds, an orange lip is definitely the one for a fun amalgamation of retro and modern-day beauty trends. Our Good Moodies Lip Crayon in the shade 10 Wild Child can be the orange you’re looking for. Perfect for a brunch date or a beach walk, smile and grab all the attention you want.a

2. Cheerful Coral

If you’re all about iced lattes and flip-flops this summer, then give your pout a juicy, vibrant coral hue. A stroll at the beach or a date night with a bae, coral is truly a summer favourite. Our Mettle Satin Lipstick in the shade 06 Augusta is a perfect blend of pink, peach, and coral all the best lipstick colours to raise the oomph this summer!

3. Power Of Purple

Purple is everywhere and rightly so. Equal parts moody and majestic, there is no shade that says ‘hot’ quite as purple does. This is one of the budge-proof matte lipsticks you need to try. Ace your purple lipstick with minimal eye makeup and subtle accessories.

4. Raunchy Red

The latest lipstick shades are available in Mettle Liquid Lipstick. Currently, we have red shades. The best part is, that there’s a shade of red for all.

5. Whimsical Wine

We have the latest lipstick shades.  From power lip in burgundy to ravishing reds and pretty pinks, we have you covered. Whether you are looking to stray from the summer reds or OTT oranges or try a new look, you can do so with confidence. At Glamour Beauty, our Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in the shade 21 Aubergine Queen is where all the fun is at. A perfect shade of aubergine, this liquid lipstick can effortlessly amp your looks for the date night or brunch too.

6. Notorious Nude

The latest lipstick shades of nude seem like the perfect go-to if you want to wear nothing else. But don’t forget the power of a pretty, rich brown. Our 01 Browning Glory will match any eye look and come right back to nude by the end of a long hot day.

7. Fun In Fuchsia

Summer’s lip colour must-have, the Fuschia Lip Gloss by Time To Shine in its bright Fuschia hue is a must-have for all lipstick lovers. Plus we’ve kept it basic, so the lip gloss goes with all skin tones. Try pairing this with your favourite dress in dark-wash denim jeans and sneakers.

The nip in the air simply cries out for rich plum and cranberry shades. Such a luscious way to perk up your face. In fact, velvet berry lips are at the top of the cold-weather trend list this season. If you’re one of those who loves ruby lips on others but are wary of trying them yourself, the berry is the perfect go-between, not as daring but daring enough to bring out your sparkling personality.

The latest lipstick shades include bright pink, strawberry red and frosted coral. They are frequently worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon to name a few.

This is the perfect time of year to embrace your inner vampire with deep red lipstick. After all, nothing can be as romantic as a deep red lip.

Go nudeBarefaced beauty is hot right now and what better way to embrace the ‘no makeup look than pairing dramatic eyes with skin-toned lipstick. Find a hue to match your skin tone and you have a winner on your lips. You will definitely feel good in your own skin!

Orange is one of the most wanted hair colours this season and you’ll want to be sure not to miss out on this trend. You can also check the latest sunscreen for oily skin India.

The cooler months are finally here, and it’s time to stock up on super-saturated, sexy matte lipsticks in your favourite shade of maroon or nude. We’ve spoken to makeup artists for the latest and greatest runway trends so you look just as pretty as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian at all the holiday parties!

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