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Are You Tired of Holding Your Phone? Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder by Hiker Store is the Best Product For You

Indeed it is the era of packed schedules,  never-ending work, and tight deadlines, It is no surprise that people use their phones almost every time, even in cars. And the best way to ensure the safety of your precious and costly phone slips in the hands of a Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder For Car.

They enable you to place your phone right in front of you, and leverage GPS, music, and many other applications without worrying about the safety of your device.

A brand innovation in such Vital Accessories is the mini magnetic mobile holder. They come with a magnetic sticker that you can place on your phone. Such mini phone holders utilize magnetic properties instead of any physical clamp to secure your phone and facilitate your communication and work even better. If you wish to explore more about such a promising technology, look no further because you are already in the right spot! 

It is Built with cutting-edge technology, magnetic phone holders are one of those pieces of equipment that bring comfort to your fingertips. It usually incorporates neodymium magnets that enable you to secure your phone like never before and in the best way.

Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder For Car
Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder For Car

Here’s the best product for you:- Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder For Car

This mobile holder by Hiker Store is a versatile mini mobile holder with powerful magnets & universal compatibility which suits the best for you. It provides the utmost quality, maximum convenience, & easy access. This mini mount features an ultra-thin, cradle-less design with a reinforced aluminum alloy-built body. The ultra-thin and sleek design makes it a unique and multi-functional car mount.

You can stick it on any flat surface, for example, a car, office, kitchen, bedroom, or any area where you need to hold your phone or keys or anything metal.

Features Of Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder For Car


This Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder by Hiker Store Comes with 4 high-power N40 magnets which are perfect for Indian road conditions. These magnets can keep your heaviest mobile devices intact via the utmost protection & better grip.


It Comes with a 3M VHB Adhesive tape which is a high-bonding solution & ensures strong adhesion between the mount & the dashboard surface. It also sticks on smooth & flat surfaces only to get the best & lasting results.

However, What if someone tells you to be careful about using a magnetic accessory around your phone?? It will make you think twice because your phone is not only a precious investment but it is a storehouse of your essential data. And indeed, no one wants to risk it at all. 

So The question that arises in many people’s minds is, “Do magnets affect your GPS, or do files vanish?” 

And the answer is absolutely no!!!! The magnets used in mini magnetic phone holders can’t hurt your Smartphone anyhow because Hiker Store Magnetic Phone holders use very less magnets that do not harm your smartphones. 


The basic doubt about the security of your gadgets or devices placed near a magnet has roots deep in the behavior shown by old electronic devices that people used to keep back then. Old devices like televisions were highly susceptible to the magnetic fields around them, and once they came in contact with it, the images on their screen used to become distorted. Therefore, most people believe the idea of magnets harming smartphones in their and others’ minds. However, the truth is that in this decade of technological advancement, the smartphones that we use are made up of IPS LCD screens, AMOLED, and OLED, which prevent any magnetic field from interfering with the device. Therefore, it is safe to use magnetic phone holders as they will affect your smartphones.         


Different devices come with different types and sizes of magnets as per the requirement. The type and size of magnet you use for a microwave oven would differ from that of the refrigerator. In the same way, the size of the magnet modified for the magnetic phone holder is small and discrete, which hinders such a magnetic field from interacting with your device.


Well, it is no hidden fact that various parts of smartphones, including speakers, cameras, etc., contain magnets that work as a vital component to facilitate their working. Also, the apple watch uses magnets to make sure that it is aligned with the charging dock. But the major question arises is, are the magnets of magnetic phone holders and mounts able to affect the magnets of your Smartphone? Yes, it might be possible but only big and powerful magnets can do so, and the small size of magnets used in mini magnetic phone mounts and holders makes almost no effect for you so you don’t have to worry about the Hiker Store’s Mini Mobile Holders.


There are many other types of Magnetic Mobile Holders for Cars and the best mobile car mounts to get for your car. You can read all the benefits of our car mobile holders and get the one that suits your needs and your car at

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