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A child goes back to preschool

A child goes back to preschool

If your child goes back to preschool, it’s a special day for him and you too! And to help make this day even more special, here are five fun ideas to celebrate this first day of kindergarten. Remind yourself of the school day with a photo of it!

Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With S For Kids

A small chalkboard

You should have a small chalkboard or sheet of paper with the words “first day in kindergarten” or something great idea for the event. Bake ABC cookies or shortbread cookies Very funny! Surprise your child on the morning of the start of the school year with cookies in the shape of the alphabet! Make cookie dough or panettone, roll your dough with a rolling pin, and use alphabet cookie cutters to create your letters. You can also make large letters by hand without a cookie-cutter;

The effect is guaranteed for young children. Have a party at home the day before. Let your toddler know that he has completed his “preschool stay with mom and dad” and that now is the time to celebrate before heading to kindergarten. You will feel special, boost your self-confidence and be proud of yourself.

This is a great opportunity to explain that going to school is a great success. Celebrate it and it was an unprecedented event! Complete the questionnaire Ask your child simple questions and write answers. Use this printable quiz and ask her to write her name (to the best of her ability!).

It will be fun to read his answers again when he grows up!

The answers at this age are so beautiful! Draw a self-portrait Ask your little one to draw it himself. My son was hilarious drawing at that age! Draw as you like and keep the artwork warm. Create a bag title with foam paper.

Tags (or backpacks) on backpacks are very useful for many children, especially those who are in the habit of losing their belongings. The label contains important information such as the owner’s name and address or school name and phone number.

These labels are common among children, especially in kindergarten and elementary school. While some bag tags are very expensive, especially if they are convenient, this tutorial will show you how to make an inexpensive Cat Head foam paper backpack tag that you can customize to your liking.


Enjoy doing this with your kids! Interest: Fine motor skills development materials: blue, white, and purple foam paper (or any other color you like), scissors, books with plastic paper covers), snap button, black paint, and glue.

Age Range: 4-5 years old How to make a foam paper backpack tag

Step 1: Gather all the supplies on the craft table.

Step 2: Cut out the shape of the cat head from the purple foam paper.

Step 3: Trim a pair of ears, forming an angled triangle at the top as shown below. Use blue foam paper for this. These are cat ears

Step 4: Paste two blue ears on the cat’s purple head.

Step 5: Paste the two white eyes under the cat’s ears as shown below. Then cut a small blue triangle in proportion to the cat’s face. It becomes the cat’s nose. Glue the nose in the middle of the face under the eyes. Step 8: Place blue bands on both sides of the cat’s head (three on each side). You should have three on each side.

These are cat whiskers

Cut another strip that is thinner than white (1 cm wide). You can also use this foam piece binder label to label anything. The size of the label strip can also be adjusted to suit your needs, especially if you want a longer stripe. This paperback is also waterproof as it is made with foam label paper.

Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With S For Kids

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