8 Car Care Tips for The Summer

Aside from the occasional trip to the beach, you might be tempted to drive your car on long distances in the summer season. It is typical to prepare your vehicle for the winter season; however, you must be aware that it’s essential to keep your car in good shape during summer too. You must adhere to the car care tips for the summer given by experts. 

However, making sure your car is serviced before an extended drive and shielding it from scorching heat is just one of the methods to ensure your vehicle’s health and well-being!

Car Wash in Madison provides reliable automatic washing services to car owners. It doesn’t matter if you have a new or old one; the company will work to maintain its appearance as new for many years to come. During the summer, your car should be washed regularly to keep it in good condition. 

Extreme temperatures last at least for a couple of months. Extreme temperatures during the summer can harm critical parts of your vehicle, which can lead to a breakdown. We’ve listed some summer time car care tips to help protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions. 

Cooling The Cabin

One of the most vital car care tips for summer is always try to park your vehicle in the shade. However, keeping the windows slightly down can help in cross-ventilation as well as removing heated air from the car. Be sure to be sure that the windows aren’t being rolled down as much and pose a security risk.

If you’re parking in the sun, applying a sun shade to your windows is one of the best car care tips for summer. Make sure to put a sunshade on the rear of your window also, particularly in the event that you’re planning to leave your car parked for longer than an hour. Only use these sunshades when you are parked, as it’s unlawful to keep them stuck with car windows while being in motion.

Make Sure Your AC is Serviced

The car’s AC is the one that takes the greatest load during a hot day. Air conditioning devices, as you know, require a lot of maintenance. The oil used to run the compressor needs to be replaced frequently to protect the system. There are regular leaks in coolant as well as dirt and dust that can cause the system to overwork and cause problems. So, have your car’s AC system tested by a trained technician before the summer arrives at its highest.

The air conditioner in a car takes too long to cool the interior, which is a common summertime complaint from owners. No matter how powerful the AC unit is, it can take a while due to the heat trapped inside the vehicle, particularly when it is in the sun’s rays. 

To prevent this from happening, when you are inside the vehicle, close the doors first and let some of the heat go out. Set the fan to the maximum setting and then wait for a few minutes. If you’re satisfied that the temperature inside your car is at a similar level to the outside, then open the windows and turn on the AC.

Checking Tire Pressure is Among Car Care Tips

Unfortunately, most owners aren’t aware of the suggested pressure levels. This could be extremely damaging in the summer when the low inflation could cause the car’s tires to go into a state of destruction within a short period of time.

Poor tire pressure control during a hot day can ruin your sidewall, as the rubber with a softer texture is more susceptible to end up in damage. If the roads are not maintained, the damage could even cause the tires to burst. Therefore, in the summer months, ensure that you raise the pressure of your tires by about 3-5 psi and keep a check on your tires.

If you want to keep the exterior of your car clean while maintaining the correct tire pressure in the summer, Car Wash Madison Wisconsin, is a good option. The Bubble Time Express Car Wash provides car washing services to protect a car from damage brought on by bad weather, such as dust, heat, and sun.

Have Your Radiator Checked, And Make Sure Coolant is in Good Condition.

Everybody and everything requires an ongoing supply of fluids throughout the summertime. A quality coolant is among the essential fluids for your car in order to help it through the scorching heat. Actually, one of the main reasons why vehicles fail during the summer months is due to the engine overheating because of the low levels of coolant. Make sure to check the coolant level in your car and top it off if necessary.

If your vehicle is older than three years old, have the radiator serviced prior to the summer heat haze sets in. And while you’re there, make sure you check for leaks. Also, make sure that you are using the correct cooling fluid. A less expensive one might seem appealing; however, it could turn out to be a problem in the end.

Scroll down to know car care tips for summer. 

Make Sure That The Transmission and Engine Fluids are Checked

Your car may consume engine oil at an alarming rate due to the heat. Nothing can destroy engine oil more quickly than the summer, and this is especially true if your oil is older. Therefore, make sure to check your engine oil level frequently and ensure that it is replenished with the proper oil. 

You can also take out the engine oil and then use a heat-resistant oil that is designed to maintain its viscosity while reducing wear and tear. Also, make sure that the levels of fluid of the brake, power steering, and transmission units are examined because these could be weak points.

Belts and Hoses Conditions

The engine bay is heated up to a high temperature in summer. Removing the parts when they have reached a certain level of wear and tear is essential. If they’re not replaced, they’ll be able to stand the extreme temperatures of operation. The components like belts and hoses are particularly vulnerable since they’re made from rubber-based compounds. 

When something like a rubber hose becomes hard, it’s only an issue of time before it breaks. A physical inspection is efficient in this situation. Make sure to check all clamps and clips as well, and bear an eye on the fact that a clamp that is loose could be the result of regular pressure building up. This is among the most followed car care tips for summer. 

Battery Maintenance

In excess heat, batteries lose their life due to the fact that the liquid inside evaporates more quickly. It also speeds up the chemical reaction within the battery, which leads to overcharging.

 Has the battery been examined to determine whether it’s charging at the appropriate speed? Also, look for signs of corrosion in the battery’s terminals, and make sure they’re clean and free of dirt. Also, ensure that all connections to cables are secured. The majority of new cars are equipped with batteries that require no maintenance. 

However, in the event that your vehicle has an engine that requires regular top-ups with distilled water, make sure you check the fluid levels frequently during summer.

Polish Protection

It’s common to think of something as purely cosmetic when you apply a nice coat of polish or wax. However, the right polish will help in preventing the paint of your vehicle from burning up too much. It’s because it creates an outer layer of wax on the paint, which reflects an important portion of sunlight’s heat. Therefore, make sure to polish your car prior to summer coming around, and if you can, you can choose the polish that protects your paint. Follow these car care tips to keep your car in healthy condition. 


We hope that your car’s summer season will allow you to keep your vehicle in good shape throughout the harsh temperatures. Simply follow these car care tips during the upcoming summer months to ensure good health of your vehicle.. 

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