6 Tips to Get More Likes on Your YouTube Video

Friends, you will definitely find YouTube on everyone’s phone. Nowadays, everyone is using a smartphone and, after Google, people use any app for queries, then it is YouTube. The main reason for this is also that people can take knowledge from it, pass time by watching entertaining things, and study. 

If you have a YouTube channel, then you must have uploaded videos to it, but do your videos get likes? You can boost likes by taking service from followersindia

 So we will tell you 5 tips by which you can get more likes on your YouTube videos organically. 

Choose Interesting Topic

Before making your video, you have to think about a topic that is interesting and that people are searching for related to that topic. If your topic is simple, then views will be useful on that video, but likes will not come. 

Would you like to watch such a video which does not provide you with any value and is not entertaining? We are sure that your answer will be no. That is why you have to keep these things in mind before making your video.

Create Subtitle for Your Video

People from all over the world query on YouTube, and the language of every country is also different. But the most spoken language in the world is English.

If audio of any other language has been used in your video, then you have to add English subtitles for that language. It will be beneficial if all the users who know English watch the video completely and also hit “like” on that video.

Share on Other Social Platforms

To get more likes on YouTube videos, only uploading the video will not work. You have to share the link of that video on other social media as well. 

You can also share that link on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp with audiences who haven’t subscribed to your channel. If you have a lot of connections, friends, or followers on social media, then this technique will bring a lot of views to your videos.

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Understand Your Audience

The job of a YouTuber is not only to upload videos, it is very important for him to understand his audience. Because if you keep on uploading any content without knowing the needs of your audience, your views will not come and neither will the likes.

You must check with analytics which kinds of videos are being liked the most by the audience and which ones are getting more views. This means that you have to make similar videos to get more likes.

Engage With Your Audience

If after applying all the techniques, your videos are getting views but likes are not coming, then you need to engage with your audience.For that, in your video, ask the audience an interesting question and ask them to answer it in the comments.

This will also increase the comments on your videos. Your content will be seen on more people’s feeds, and you will get more likes on your videos.

Add End Screen on Your Video

Only after watching one of your videos can a user see another video of yours. For that you have to put an end screen. As the name suggests, you have to put this at the end of your video, so that the person watching that video clicks on your own video.

But only the most relevant video from that video should appear on the end screen. Only then will the user click on that video.


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