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Vitex Fruit Benefits and Side Effects for Women

Vitex Fruit benefits are known for centuries as people traditionally use it as an herbal remedy for various feminine problems. Although, many people from this era are unknown of the great Agnus Castus benefits for females. Moreover, many women use it in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose which leads to the Vitex Fruits Side effects. Don’t worry. We have got your back by presenting here the brief guide on this miraculous herb. If you are going for Vitex supplements online shopping in Pakistan, read this blog to find out the related benefits, correct dose, and adverse effects. Whether you would like to use vitex fruit capsules or vitex fruit supplements for women, our guide can cover all of its herbal products.

Vitex supplement benefits:

Do you know Agnus Castus can reduce the symptoms of PMS, PCOS, Menopause, and hormonal imbalance? Yes! Its versatile goodness for women’s health makes it the best pick for Amazon shopping in Pakistan. These multipurpose uses also lead to any myths associated with this herbal supplement. Therefore, we clarify them by enlisting here the science-backed benefits of Agnus Castus.

1.      Boost fertility:

Most women directly search for vitex pregnancy because there is a myth of easy conception after taking this herb. However, truth is that it helps balance the hormone to improve fertility problems. It supports female reproductive cycles that could lead to a successful pregnancy. The Vitex supplement for fertility also helps normalize progesterone levels to lengthen the luteal phase. Therefore, it increases the chance of natural conception.

2.      Reduce PMS symptoms:

If you get mood swings, bloating, anxiety, headache, and irritability before or during periods, Agnus Castus can help you reduce these premenstrual symptoms. It helps stabilize the oestrogen and progesterone hormone changes that are responsible for PMS.

3.      Relieve menopausal symptoms:

The hormone balancing effect is the dominant Vitex Fruit benefit that also leads to relieve pre and post-menopausal symptoms. According to many studies, it is found that a standard dose of this herbal supplement can reduce night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, and other related symptoms.

4.      Prevent insect bites:

According to studies, Vitex seeds can work as an insect repellent, especially for flies, fleas, ticks, and lice. The long hair of women is more prone to the head lice or lice larva. However, if you use vitex fruit extract on your scalp, it prevents the attack of head lice. Moreover, it can also kill lice larva while inhibiting lice reproduction.

5.      Treat hormone Induced Anxiety:

As it has an amazing hormone balancing effect, it helps reduce the anxiety problem that is induced due to hormonal fluctuation. Most women get anxiety as a premenstrual symptom, so they can consider trying this herbal remedy for anxiety relief and hormonal balance.

6.      Improve the PCOS condition:

According to several studies, the imbalance hormone problem in PCOS can be reversed by taking Angus castus through the Vitex fruit supplement. It maintains all fertility hormones to discourage the production of androgen in the ovary. Androgen can affect the ovulation process, so it needs to be in control for relieving the symptoms of PCOS.

How to take vitex to get pregnant

According to research, the dose of 3.2 to 40 mg of dried Vites Fruit is safe to use daily. It is recommended to do not exceed the suggested dosage and use it only for up to 6 months regularly. If you want to use it for pregnancy or any specific condition, always ask the healthcare professionals to find the suitable dose for your condition.

Signs vitex is working

According to numerous reviews on vitex supplements, it shows the dominant results within the timespan of six months. Some signs of its good effects include reduced cramps, no bloating, no breast soreness, reduced mood swings, regular periods, and controlled acne. If you do not get this relief within 6 months of its regular use, you should discontinue its use right away. Moreover, if you find any side effects besides the benefits, you should stop using it for stopping vitex side effects before it gets worst.

Vitex supplement side effects

Vitex Fruit is generally safe if you consume it in a standard dosage. It includes 1 gram in dried fruit form, 3 to 6 grams in dried herb form, and 30 to 40 mg in fruit extract form. The overdose or unsuitability of this herb can lead to some minor and reversible side effects. It includes:

  • Indigestion
  • Acne
  • Skin irritation
  • Nausea
  • Heavy menstrual Flow
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea

These side effects can reverse when you discontinue the use, so do not get panic if any adverse effect appears. Moreover, there is a limitation in taking Agnus Castus due to its interaction with other medications. Researchers believe that it can interact with birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, and antipsychotic medications. These medicines interactions can affect the health and well-being of a woman. Therefore, it should be avoided if you are undergoing any such treatment or medication. In addition, it is also not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers because its effects on infants or embryos are skill unknown. You can avoid these side effects by simply consulting your doctor about taking any supplement for your specific condition.


Vitex fruits and their derived herbal supplements are loaded with fertility goodness for women. From PMS symptoms to fertility problems, all hormonal imbalance-related issues can easily be improved by using Agnus castus. Moreover, it has also amazing insect-repelling benefits that make it the enemy of lice, fleas, and ticks. Even Science has also supported these uses through studies and research. However, some uses are now well-studied till yet. When it comes to its side effects, you will find only mild and reversible effects. Therefore, doctors count it a safe supplement for women. Still, there is a limitation for pregnant women, nursing women, or someone who is taking medicines for any underlying health condition. Therefore, it is highly encouraged, if you ask your healthcare professionals first before taking any medicine or supplement.


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