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What are the functions of Computer Network?

functions of Computer Network

In the world of IT, communication is based on computer networks (information technology). Different types of networks are employed with these networks in various ways. In order to communicate information, a computer network can be connected by joining a number of machines. These networks have historically been divided into topologies and used to connect computers. Because this kind of protocol supports the internet, LANs, and WANs, the most popular topology at the moment is a collapsed ring.

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Computer networks are employed to carry out numerous activities, including information sharing. This network’s features include allowing users to share devices like scanners and printers, communicate via email, instant messaging, and video, share files and software, and access and manage information with ease. An overview of a bridge in a computer network is covered in this article.

What is computer networking?

Computer networking is the term for a network of connected computers that may communicate and share resources. These networked devices transmit data through wireless or physical technologies using a set of guidelines known as communications protocols.

How does a computer network work?

Computer networking’s fundamental building components are nodes and links. A network node could be data terminal equipment (DTE), which includes two or more computers and printers, or data communication equipment (DCE), which includes a modem, hub, or switch. The transmission medium that connects two nodes is referred to as a link. Links can be vacant spaces used by wireless networks or they can be physically present, such cable wires or optical fibres.

The rules or protocols that specify how to transmit and receive electronic data over the links are followed by nodes in a functioning computer network. These physical and logical components’ designs are determined by the computer network architecture. It offers the standards for the physical elements, operational structure, protocols, and practises of the network.

What do computer networks do?

In the late 1950s, the first computer networks were developed for use in defence and military applications. They initially had limited commercial and scientific applications and were used to transport data via telephone lines. The development of internet technologies has made computer networks essential for businesses.

More than just connectivity is provided by contemporary network systems. They are essential to modern company performance and the digital transformation of industries. Network underpinnings now include more programmable, automated, and secure features.

Functions Of computer Network

Remote Data and Job Entry

Using WANs, it is possible to introduce data on sales and transactions at the sale terminals. This data may also be centralised in a computer for processing or broadcasting needs. For instance, supermarkets connected by WANs in various cities can broadcast all sales data from their remote selling centres. The central procurement and distribution centre has daily access to monitor all sales data.

Centralizing Information

A company will find it useful to centralise local information. For instance, employing a centralised computer list of inventory items, auto-parts sellers can assist in locating unusual vehicle parts. Such dealers can query centralised databases thanks to WANs.

Facilitating Communications

WANs are used by businesses in developed nations to improve employee communications, save money on long-distance calls and long-distance writing, lower the cost of organising written records, and circumvent the time-consuming nature of traditional methods of transferring information between branches.

Exchange messages

Messages are transmitted swiftly in this device. We can communicate with a partner via web services like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Skype.

High bandwidth

If our company uses the dedicated connections, then this offers high bandwidth. The high bandwidth increases the cost of information transport, which improves our organization’s efficiency.

Wrap Up

You can design and build a secure network for your business with the help of a solid grasp of network equipment. To ensure that every part of the system is operating at its best, you must carefully watch what is happening around your network equipment.

Another crucial aspect of administering a network is promptly identifying faults and resolving problems. Strong security is also crucial for protecting it from unauthorised access together with the other factors.

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