Anticorrosion Coating of Oil Tanks

Key points of quality control in the construction process of oil tanks anticorrosive coating

1. Preparation stage before construction

In order to improve the construction quality and reduce the quality problems in the construction process, we must make full preparations before the construction of the oil storage tank anticorrosive coating. First of all, it is necessary to make a comprehensive observation of the surface of the oil storage tank. Conduct a detailed investigation and analysis of the parts with rust; Determine the degree of corrosion on the surface of the oil storage tank, and scientifically evaluate the corrosion level of the oil storage tank, so as to take corresponding anti-corrosion construction measures.

Secondly, we should thoroughly clean the surface and interior of the oil storage tank, and remove the attachments on the surface and interior of the oil storage tank, so as to evaluate the corrosion of the surface of the oil storage tank more accurately. Thirdly, we treat the weldments and connectors not welded on the surface of the oil storage tank to prepare for the anti-corrosion construction.

2. Quality control in the construction process of oil storage tank anticorrosive coating

(1) Compressed air is necessory when sandblasting the anticorrosive coating of the oil storage tank, and we must keep the compressed air dry, so it is necessary to use a cooling device and oil-water separation device to treat the compressed air in advance before the anticorrosive construction of oil storage tank;

(2) During the sandblasting construction of the anti-corrosive coating of the oil storage tank, it is necessary to survey the construction environment in advance in strict accordance with the construction regulations. Clean up the construction site before construction, and use compressed air to dry the water on the surface of the oil storage tank. If the effect of sandblasting once is not satisfactory, we can improve the smoothness of the oil storage tank surface by repeated sandblasting.

(3) In the process of sandblasting construction, it is necessary to reasonably control the sandblasting time and sandblasting area, and pay attention to the fact that the time and area of one sandblasting are not easy to be too long or too large. We can carry out the rust removal by manual operation for the position where staffs cannot spray the equipment;

(4) After the sandblasting construction, the constructors need to carry out strict quality inspections of the sandblasting effect. During the quality inspection, it needs to evaluate the de-rusting degree of the oil storage tank surface. In the process of the inspection, it is necessary to ensure the good illumination of the site. During the inspection, it is forbidden to touch the oil storage tank surface directly with hands. It needs to treat again in time the areas with incomplete sandblasting found in the inspection.

The quality control method of oil tank anticorrosion coating construction

1. Quality control in artificial painting construction

Manual brushing means that the constructors dip the paint on the surface of the oil storage tank by using brushing tools in a manual way. In this way, we can improve the anti-corrosion performance of the oil storage tank. Manual painting is simple in operation, low in construction cost and flexible, which can meet the requirements of oil storage tank anticorrosive coating construction under different construction conditions. However, the manual brushing method requires a higher labor intensity for the construction workers, and the construction efficiency is relatively low. Moreover, the technical level and professional accomplishment of the construction workers will influence artificial painting construction. This makes the effects of different construction workers in manual brushing different. Therefore, uneven brushing, poor aesthetics, shoddy and so on often appear in manual brushing.

2. Quality control in the compressed air spraying

Compressed spraying is the most common construction method in the construction of oil storage tanks’ anticorrosive coating at present. Compressed air spraying sucks the anticorrosive coating into a special spray gun through the principle of air compression, and then sandblasting the surface of the oil storage tank by pressurizing the spray gun. By sucking the paint into the spray gun, we can convert the paint into uniform particles. After pressurized spraying by the spray gun, a uniform anticorrosive film will be formed on the surface of the oil storage tank, thus achieving an ideal anticorrosive effect.

As a very common anti-corrosion construction technology, compressed air spraying has the advantages of a uniform spraying effect, high aesthetics and strong operability, etc. Moreover, the construction efficiency of compressed air spraying is higher than that of manual painting, and the area of one-time spraying is also larger. However, when using compressed air spraying construction, we must consider the dust pollution caused by spraying coating, and should select high-quality coating with low toxicity to reduce the pollution and damage to the air and construction personnel.

3. Quality Control in Scraping Construction

When coating oil storage tanks with anticorrosive paint, it is generally necessary to add some fireproof and antistatic substances into the paint. Scraping is a common construction method in the construction of oil storage tanks’ anticorrosive coating. Scraping construction uses metal or nonmetal materials to coat the oil storage tanks’ anticorrosive coating. The paint used in scraping construction is generally sticky. Besides general brushing on the surface of oil storage tanks, scraping construction is also commonly used to paint pinholes, gaps or thick coatings. Scraping construction has a great impact on the aesthetics and smoothness of oil storage tanks’ coatings. However, the scraping construction method also has the problem of low construction efficiency. In actual construction, it is necessary to select the appropriate scraping tools and brushing methods according to the specific conditions.

4. Quality control in high-pressure airless spraying construction

High-pressure airless spraying construction directly pressurizes the soil material by using professional spraying equipment, and the paint is fogged by the action of high pressure so that it can be sprayed on the surface of the oil storage tank. Also it can isolate the air, so the dryness and purity of the paint can be ensured during the spraying construction process. High-pressure airless spraying construction has high efficiency, which does not cause great pollution to the surrounding environment during the spraying process, and has low energy consumption.

It is an economical and applicable anti-corrosion construction technology for oil storage tanks. However, the application of high-pressure airless spraying construction technology has high requirements for the technical level of construction personnel and the construction environment, so it is not suitable for the application of high-pressure airless spraying construction technology in a narrow and closed space. This requires the construction unit to make a survey in the construction area in advance and formulate a reasonable construction plan to ensure the construction quality and safety.

The construction quality of oil storage tank anticorrosive coating has a very critical impact on oil development and transportation. If there are quality problems in the construction of oil storage tanks’ anticorrosive coating, it will cause irreversible damage to the oil storage tank. If the corrosion problem is further aggravated, it will cause oil leakage, which will not only cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment, but also increase the probability of safety accidents, and lay a big hidden danger for the development of oil enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen quality management and control, adopt appropriate construction methods, formulate perfect construction plans, and strengthen technical guidance for the construction of oil tank anticorrosive coating, so as to ensure the effective development of oil tank anticorrosive coating construction.


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