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Bachelor of Dental Scienceis a degree awarded to students who have completed a program, course, or program in dentistry. The B.D.S. is another name for it. This abbreviation stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery. It may also be known as Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), depending on your location. The DDS degree and DMD degrees are identical to those of the BDS. BDS is a sought-after medical field. This allows you to become a dentist. It takes between 5 and 6 years to complete the process at most Chinese Medical Universities.

The final year is spent at a hospital. International students need to complete the internship in order to take the final exam and get a certificate of BDS. BDS curriculum in China is one of the most well-known programs for international students. The program is offered in English Medium by some Chinese Medical Universities. Excellence Medical education is strongly linked to the rising demand for international students who want to study in China’s BDS Program.

The Chinese dental programs have been updated in accordance with international standards. The Core Courses for the BDS Curriculum contain: General anatomy and Histology.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a BDS programme in China.

BDS Programme

Here are the top Medical Universities of China that have a BDS program. This is due to the quality of the English-medium BDS Program and the use modern technology in dentistry. Many international students who graduated from the English-medium BDS Program in China have found jobs in their home countries and abroad. The English medium BDS course is a popular choice for international students. Many of the graduates went on to work in related fields or as dentists.

Higher Caliber Teachers at BDS Program

Because it has experienced professors, international students will find the BDS Program in China to be a great option. China’s Medical Schools make a lot of investments in recruiting well-respected professors. This is the reason China has been a top choice for international medical student.

Good Infrastructure and Laboratories with Standard Materials

Nearly all Chinese Medical Colleges offer modern educational infrastructures. The best medical programs require high-quality laboratories that allow students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class. All Chinese Medical Colleges that offer BDS Programs have the required teaching-learning material.

Lower Cost

Parents and students alike have stated that China offers affordable medical education. China Medical Schools are some of the best medical schools around. It is easier for parents to send their kids to China to receive medical education at lower costs than other universities. Each course of the BDS program is accompanied by a book.

A Good Learning and Living Environment

China Medical Schools provide sufficient English-language Medical Books. Students have access to computer labs for their daily study. The BDS program offers computer courses to help students learn how to use advanced programs. Students from other countries cannot share more than one dormitory room. This is in line with international standards.

BDS English is a popular choice for international students because of all the benefits it provides.

BDS Admission Eligibility Requirements in China:

An applicant who is

(a) minimum a high secondary graduate with good health and without criminal record

(b) Applicants must have passed Senior High School (Grade 12) or equivalent,

(c) Minimum 60% score in English and science subjects (PCB): Physics, Chemistry, Biology respectively

BDS Admission Document Required in China:

English version scan of document by email attachment as below:

(1). scan of Certificate of Senior Higher School or above,

(2). along with Transcript (mark result slip),

(3). scan copy of Passport (or ID if PP is not available),

(4). Passport size picture.

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