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Why Do Students Struggle With Mathematical Concepts?

According to the student survey, it is understood that more than 80% of the students find Mathematical more complex than other subjects. Students face trouble understanding and solving the problems and the questions. As years have passed, mathematics has got a bad reputation in the student’s life. In some cases, the problem is not the question but the subject’s fear that makes them forget everything they have learned so far. 

Why is Mathematics more Difficult?

There are various why students face trouble solving mathematical problems and are not keen on understanding the concepts.

1. Fundamental Concepts

One of the primary reasons for not liking mathematics is the lack of understanding of the fundamental concepts. If the basics are not straightforward, then the students will not be able to solve the problems. Students love maths only if they can solve the problem; once they find trouble and face difficulties, they end up hating the subject. One can use NCERT Solutions to clear their fundamentals. So they can quickly solve the problems.  

2. Method of studying

Students should understand the methods of learning. If they’re uncomfortable with the textbooks, then they should go with the video lectures or use an online portal for their reference. The teacher also keeps the methods of teaching in their mind. According to the students, mathematics should be complex. The teacher’s responsibility is to make sure students understand the concepts quickly and take an interest in the subject.

3. Distractions or ADHD

Attention Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder in childhood. Children with ADHD have trouble paying attention, completing work, cannot focus on anything, controlling impulsive behaviour, and many more. As a result, they forget all the essential problem-solving points they need to understand while solving the problems. 

4. People with math anxiety

According to the research, the psychological factor is essential while doing mathematics. It is often noticed that anxiety is not just worrying about things. There are many other symptoms of anxiety-like shivering, freezing while doing work, sweating, etc. People with math anxiety often face freezing while doing work, sweating while solving problems, misreading problems, making simple mistakes, etc.

5. Dyslexia

A learning disorder involves difficulty in reading due to speech sounds and reading and understanding the words and the letters. It can make students flip the numbers and the shapes. Students with dyslexia have to read the concept again and again. They can easily miss the line and lose the place while writing anything. In mathematics as well, they face trouble as they misread the numbers. 


How can Students Understand the Topics?

1. Break down the topics

Breaking down the topics into smaller sections is beneficial. It makes the subject easier to understand. Take one subject at a time and practice it till you make it. First, clear your fundamentals and remove them. Make sure you start with the fundamental problems and then solve the difficult ones. It will strengthen your base and help you with critical and analytical thinking.

2. List down all the formulas

Noting down all the formulas will help you to figure out the concept quickly. You need to solve the questions meticulously and try clearing the concepts. Listing down the formulas will save your time and effort to find out the formulas repeatedly. Make sure to write somewhere you can find easily and look at it from time to time.

3. Change the learning style

Learning style is necessary for understanding the concept. Binding yourself with textbooks is not the way to study. Try studying with different methods like online portals, video lectures, pictures, etc. You can use whichever method you’re comfortable with and is helpful for your studies.

4. Avoid Distractions

Try to make a distraction-free, peaceful study place for yourself to study comfortably. Keep your focus in your class, and it’ll save your time and effort for exploring. Make sure you keep your surroundings quiet and without any devices near you. Mobile phones create many problems while looking, and in mathematics, a little bit of distraction can make your answer go wrong.

5. Practice regularly

Make a pact to give mathematics an hour regularly. Practice will make you clear your topics, and you’ll not be foreign to the subject. The main reason why students face trouble with mathematics is that they do not practice regularly, which makes them forget the concepts they learned the day before.

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Avoiding the subject is not a solution. Keep solving the problem is the key to accomplishment. We know that mathematics is not easy and needs a lot of practice and attention, but it has its perks. Once you start practising and taking an interest in the subject, you’ll love it, and it’ll be a piece of cake for you. So, there’re some tips which will help you with your studies.

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