What Can Cannabichromene (CBC) Be Used For?

Cannabichromene or CBC is one of the compounds found in the Cannabis plant. Unlike CBD and THC, it does not get much attention, yet it can be very effective. According to current research that has been done on CBC, it has been found to help certain health conditions. Here are some of them.

Pain and Inflammation

CBC can be quite useful in managing pain. It can desensitize some channels, and when combined with CBD and THC, it can be a powerful anti-inflammatory. CBC has the ability to affect the receptor involving pain, giving an individual some relief. If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for alternative methods to relieve the pain, you may want to get a CBC tincture. If you are already on medication, before you start taking CBC, talk to your healthcare provider. It is important to check whether you can mix CBC with your medication.

Depression and Anxiety

CBC can also help with managing anxiety and depression. Some patients with these two mental health conditions claimed CBC to be effective in treating them. And when combined with CBD and THC, they provide an entourage effect that can boost your moods. Researchers claim that a combination of CBG and CBC is even more powerful in managing depression and anxiety. However, further studies might be needed to prove this.


Do you often get acne? Some of the causes of acne are hormonal changes and excessive production of oil on the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBC can suppress the production of excessive lipids in the pores. And since clogged pores are a cause of acne, CBC can help prevent those breakouts.

Because many products of the cannabis plant like CBC have been proven to be useful, a lot of companies are producing these products. And while that is a good thing, there is also the risk of ineffective products being on the market. Ensure you are buying from vendors with good reputations to enjoy the benefits that CBC has to offer.

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