Types of Parsons Tables

A modernist style table, the Parsons table has a square top and four equilaterally-spaced square legs. The top rests on these four square legs, which are flush with the edges of the tabletop. They are also the same thickness as the top. There are many types of Parsons tables, and this article will discuss the most popular ones. This table is perfect for any modernist living room, study, or kitchen.


Futrus(r) Parsons tables are a modern blend of durability, style, and long-term value. Constructed from lightweight, seamless materials and advanced construction techniques, they are ideal for interior and exterior settings. And because Corian is a non-porous material, it’s easy to clean. The Futrus series also features integrated technology. These tables are designed for commercial and residential use and can be customized to meet the exact specifications of a design.

Parsons tables have a linear design that is sleek and sophisticated. Tops are made from clear glass or painted back glass, with bases available in a polished, brushed, or textured Colora color. Frame sizes vary, depending on the style of table top you choose. Choose from a square, rectangular, or even octagonal tabletop. And if you’re short on space, try pushing a Parsons table against a wall in your entryway, mudroom, or foyer.

A Corian table is durable and easy to clean, with the surface being NSF/ANSI Standard 51 certified for food contact. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors, ranging from ash-grey to light gray, and many shades of green. And with so many colors available, you’ll surely find the perfect color for your dining room or living room. Just remember that Corian is not just a beautiful material.


DeskMakers offers a wide variety of options for a variety of workspaces, including its line of Parsons tables. Made of standard thermofuse or high-pressure laminate, these tables are durable, flexible, and a perfect choice for casual meeting areas and coworking spaces. In addition to the standard model, you can also find a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. You can choose from a wood top or a laminated top in one, two, or three tones.

The classic design of a Parsons table is characterized by its square or rectangular legs that are flush with the tabletop edge. The shape of this style can go with almost any type of decor and complement any type of furniture in your home. It looks best with contemporary or modern furnishings and contrasts nicely with ornate antiques and imposing woodwork. Alternatively, you can pair it with an elegant mid-century style chair and a more streamlined tabletop decor.

High-pressure laminate

HPL, or high-pressure laminate, is a modern decorative covering made from multiple sheets of kraft paper enriched with resin. After being heated at high pressure, HPL becomes a layered material that has exceptional durability and antimicrobial properties. This durable finish is ideal for meeting rooms and other settings where moisture and abrasion are common. This type of laminate is a great choice for tables in outdoor settings, such as patios and swimming pools.

In addition to being very durable, high-pressure laminate is also easy to maintain and clean. Its impressive stain resistance, impact resilience, and antibacterial properties ensure that it stays looking like new for many years. It is easy to maintain a high-quality laminate table by wiping it down with lukewarm water and a mild glass cleaner. Dry a cloth after cleaning to prevent damage to the finish. Abrasive cleaning products can dull the laminate finish.

HPL is an outdoor-grade laminate. It is durable and can withstand weather conditions and UV rays. There are three different sizes of HPL tables available: 24”x24”, 30”x30”, and 30”x48″

Square legs

If you love simplicity, the square legs on Parsons tables are for you. Made by many furniture makers, including Milo Baughman, Edward Wormley, and Dunbar, square legs are classic and timeless. These furniture legs are easily installed and will enhance any tabletop. They are made of solid wood and can be used to build desks or parsons tables. Here are some of our favorite styles. Listed below are a few tips to help you make the right choice for your home.

The Parsons table has square legs that are the same width as the tabletop, creating a simple, clean design. The design was created in the 1930s by Jean-Michel Frank and an anonymous group of design students. A Parsons table’s design reflects its simple and bold aesthetic. Whether a dining room table, sideboard, or coffee table, the square legs on a Parsons table add a touch of modern style to any room.

The Parsons table was named for the school that created it in the 1930s. It features clean lines and a straightforward design, accentuating the character of wood. It works well in almost any setting and complements both ornate and minimalist items. And, if you want to add a modern touch to a hallway, the square-legged table can match the theme of the room. This versatile piece is a great choice for any room in the home.

Despite its simplicity, the Parsons table is versatile and can work with just about any other piece of furniture. Pair a modern table with a classic, vintage-style chair or a traditional oriental lamp. A classic design can also complement any type of decor on top. And if you’re not into modern furniture, you can still incorporate it into your decor by arranging the items on the tabletop with colorful plates and vases.

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The simplicity of a Parsons table’s profile and streamlined look make it a timeless design. The classic shape, complemented by a white wash finish, makes it a popular choice for both modern and traditional homes. Their compact size and versatility makes them versatile in a variety of settings. The Versteel Parsons Table, for example, features integrated wire management and a simple assembly process. With its streamlined profile and versatile design, Parsons tables make the most of any space.

A Parsons table is available in both a classic wood and modern steel version. Their straight lines and classic design make them easy to pair with any style of furniture. The design is versatile enough to blend with nearly any type of setting and is handsome enough to fit in any dining room.

The classic shape of the Parson’s table makes it an easy choice for any decor. Its clean, minimalist lines complement a variety of decor styles. It also makes a functional, versatile addition to a retail environment, where it has been a mainstay for many years. A square or rectangular top on four flush legs lends it to versatility and style, making it an excellent choice for retail environments.

A square top and four square legs are the foundation of a Parsons table. These legs are always flush with the edges of the tabletop, making it easy to adjust its size to fit into a variety of home settings. The simple design of a Parsons table is complementary to other items in a home, enhancing the minimalist style of the room. Its timeless look also makes it a good choice for a modern or eclectic living space.

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