The Origins of Baking Cakes

The Origins of Baking Cakes

Online Cake delivery in Chennai – Many people’s all-time favourite sweet treat when it comes to delicious sugary sweets is cake! In reality, baking has been around for millennia.

Round, flat, unleavened bread fried on a hot stone was the precursor to cake in ancient Egypt. Through the addition of new ingredients and the development of fresh baking methods.

Baked products continued to evolve across many centuries. No, the cake-making craze that is currently popular on social media didn’t start out that way.

However, we will also look into it. Along with the development of new cake-making techniques over time, new tastes also emerged.

From icing flavours and decorations to chocolate and vanilla, red velvet, lemon, salted caramel, and many, many more enticing flavours. Online Cake delivery in Chennai exploring the background and significance of cake, the delectable dessert, in today’s culinary segment. To learn all you need to know, keep reading.

Just a Little History

As previously established, the Egyptians were pioneers in baking since, as early as 2600 BC, they were the first civilisation to employ yeast in bread.

The Baker’s Guild of the Roman Empire was also created in 168 BC. The Pistorum, an association, acknowledged bread makers as accomplished craftspeople.

In fact, baking was so highly regarded that a festival honouring Fornax, the oven goddess, was conducted once a year.

Ovens weren’t a common element in any home throughout the Mediaeval era. Bread was prepared by those who could afford wood-burning stoves and the fuel to heat them.

In fact, being able to make excellent bread allowed people to move up the social scale.

In the Middle Ages, wheat bread was only consumed by the affluent. The upper classes were the only ones who could afford the dense, rich pastries in the unusual hues.

The first true birthday cake is thought to have been baked in Germany during the Middle Ages. It’s not surprising (obviously), but the Germans used to celebrate children’s birthdays with cake under the name Kinderfest. Since then, the custom has spread around the world.

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Availability of refined wheat

Saffron and other pricey spices were introduced into baking in the 15th century, which greatly aided baking’s development in Britain.

At this period in baking history, sweetened dough buns, mincemeat pies, and gingerbread all appeared. In the 16th and 17th centuries, economic expansion and globalisation gave rise to increasingly indulgent confections made with butter, cream, and raisins.

Families began to create cakes and biscuits together as baking became more widely available to the general public at this period. Desserts like pastries, pies, and frosted cakes rose into prominence in the latter part of the 17th century as a result of lower sugar prices and the availability of refined wheat.

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century was a turning point for cake-making accessibility in the typical home, not only due to improvements in taste and ingredient availability but also due to technological advancements.

The invention of the semi-closed oven gave aspiring cooks the equipment and inspiration they required to experiment with a variety of cake recipes.

In the 19th century

As more women found employment, they had less time for elaborate meal preparation. Convenience food became more popular as a result, which reduced the amount of time women spent in the kitchen. Men, read that again: society changed!

The invention of baking powder in this century also changed the thick, yeast-based cakes of the past into the light, fluffy baked delicacies we are familiar with today.

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