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Important Health Tips For Growing Children

In the Early Ages 

We all know that growing children need a good diet that requires minerals, vitamins, calcium, and other health supplements for their bodies to grow properly. But providing a healthy diet is not everything. The surroundings and atmosphere in which a baby grows play an essential part in their life. As a great child psychologist, Haim Ginott has said “Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression”. This also supports that whatever a child experiences and goes through in his early years leave a great impact on their future self. It also affects their personality and attitude toward everything in their life.

In the Early Ages 

During the years 0-3 a toddler’s body grows rapidly, and their brains form neuronal pathways at unprecedented speeds. 90% of their brains are developed for adult size by the time they are nine years old. A teen’s puberty is also a vulnerable time in their life. As they go through so many changes physically and emotionally. They need guidance at this time about how to handle the changes they are going through. Otherwise, they try to gather information by themselves which is usually wrong and ends up harming them. Researchers have shown that a lack of proper sex education in teens leads to unwanted pregnancies. Kids who don’t feel safe or have people to talk to and express their feelings go through depression, anxiety, and self-doubt, leading to eating disorders, self-hate, bullying, alcohol, and drug addiction, and in some cases suicide.


Now let’s look at some points to avoid this situation and provide a safe childhood –

  • Good diet: Good diet, vitamins, and supplements are very important for the proper physical development of a child. Because unhealthy food looks so delicious and children want only junk food. It is hard for them to get their daily dose of Minerals, vitamins, calcium, protein, and so on, which may be obtained by giving them health supplements to promote their fuller growth.


  • Responsive caring: Observing and responding to a child’s physical, psychological, and emotional needs is an essential part of a child’s health, education, and social relationships.


  • Proper Education: Kids should be increased to complete education for them to have a border outlook on the world. Which would help them to decide what profession to choose in life. 


  • It is important to provide them with a proper sex education either from their parents or from reliable sources.


  • In order to prevent them from falling into wrong activities, parents may need to explain the effects of a bad company/friend to them. This is true since most young people fall into wrong activities due to bad company.


  • When children open up with their parents about problems and struggles, the parents should try to spend more time with them and not judge or scold them for doing so.


  • In general, parents want their children not to do anything wrong which they try to teach them in different ways. One more important thing they should do which they generally forget is to tell their children that they love them which will improve their mental health and give them the confidence to talk to their parents more openly.


  • Additionally, parents should also explain to their children why they are telling them not to do certain things and what the side effects may be.



In This blog, we see that even though the physical health of a growing child is important. But there are many other things that come with the proper upbringing of a child. Also some points about how we can avoid bad situations in child upbringing.


Please feel free to add your thoughts to this topic in the commons.

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