Check these things before purchasing the second-hand phone

Many of you are attracted by the secondhand phone. Are refurbished or second hand smartphones really worth the money? What are the best ways to make the correct decision ? In this post we will discuss the five factors to consider before purchasing the used mobile phone.

Profit from the market for second-hand goods

The purchase of used devices is now more than likely to be a good idea. The manufacturers of smartphones offer more reliable phones. There are smartphones that are available that are near to being brand new. They also have the latest technology that is appealing.

Additionally, all smartphones look like they’re all the same. Secondhand models do not experience visually ageing at the rate they used to. Smartphones can more readily support the burden of the years. The smartest person who can discern the distinction between a 5th and sixth generation phone.Sell your old phone on Quick Mobile, as it becomes too easy.

It is when you look at prices where the benefits of the event become apparent. As more and more models are available from a variety of brands The discount on second-hand phones is hitting records. There are many devices that are 30 to 50 percent less than new ones.

5 points to consider before buying a second-hand phone

After a few pauses after a few pauses, you’ve chosen to upgrade your smartphone and buy a secondhand handset. However, be cautious as it is possible to waste your cash and time thinking that you’re saving cash. Therefore, it is advisable to take care before jumping onto any gadget.

This guide is designed to ensure that you are not swindled by unscrupulous vendors. The rules listed in this article will help you stay clear of many unpleasant experiences.

Beware of fakes

When you purchase an expensive new phone you should know all the details about the most sought-after model. In fact, as per an investigation conducted of the OECD around 20% of smartphones that are sold in the world are fake. Naturally, some of them will find themselves on the second hand market in the near future.

The majority of them are advertised on classified sites for very low prices However, counterfeits have less performance, durability and life span than authentic versions. Here are a few tips to distinguish a legitimate smartphone from a fake .

Make sure internal components are operating properly

Examining the exterior of a smartphone is one thing. But making sure that the other elements (GPS sensor, display Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.) Working properly is a more complex job. In just 10 minutes, it’s very difficult to give a thorough and thorough overview of the various functions on smartphones.

The good news is that applications such as the Z Device Test allow you to conduct a thorough examination of all the sensors in a mobile. In addition this application provides comprehensive analysis of all features of the smartphone (processor model, the amount of RAM onboard, etc.). Very useful for unmasking counterfeits.

The application is completely cost-free. Naturally, you’ll require the app’s owner’s permission prior to installing the app. This page will discover more information about the usage of the Z Device Test to perform a full analysis of your Android smartphone .


With no battery, there is no phone. It may seem like a cliche, however it’s important to keep it in mind. It is true that very few consumers are willing to look over this aspect, but it is still so vital.

A battery can withstand 800-charge cycles. According to the results of a study that was conducted several years ago, some batteries start to exhibit indications of weakening after more than 300 discharge cycles.

This trick will precisely assess the extent of wear on the battery. This method can be used with any Android phone.

  • Start the application for telephony
  • Dialer (telephone dialer screen)
  • Enter the code below: *#*#4636 #*#*
  • Select the option for battery information.

If the value displayed beside the battery’s name is 100, then everything is in order. The battery in this phone does not have a diminished capacity. The battery isn’t likely to be discharged more quickly than it did the time it was brand new.

A figure between 60 and 50 signifies that the battery has begun to show symptoms of fatigue. It is now operating at a lower level than its capacity at the beginning. Be prepared for a lower battery’s lifespan.

Make sure you have the correct unlock

It’s not often that we think about it, yet a lot of phone numbers are blocked by operators. Test it with the SIM different from the one from the operator of the seller. If you are unable to remove the card, then there are hidden codes you can use to determine the state of your mobile. The codes differ according to the brand of the phone.

When the code has been entered into the dialer of your phone After entering the code, you’ll be able to see the name Network Lock displayed on the screen. Then you will see the words Off or On. Mobiles are free of operators when the word Off appears. Be aware that only the person who is in charge of the line has the ability to follow the steps needed to unlock the mobile.

A used phone or an old one

Do you prefer to purchase your phone by an individual or from an expert? The refurbished phones you can purchase in the supermarket or at specialized stores typically cost more.

They also offer an assurance . Additionally, the phone has been completely overhauled prior to selling. They do not give any guarantee under contract. It will take only a few minutes to play with the phone to determine the value of the cost.

Check Xioami Mobiles under 20000 Rupees:

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

This is Mi’s best mobile under 20000 and for this model, the mi mobile price in India is 16,999 Rupees.

A Snapdragon 720G processor, 6 GB RAM, 64 MP rear and 32 MP front camera, 5020 mAh battery, and a C-port USB, make it an ideal and the best mobile under 20000.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max 1

Another Mi’s top pick is the Note 10 Pro Max 1 with its mi mobile price in India to be 18,449 Rupees. It comes with a Snapdragon 732 G processor, 6 GB RAM, 5020 mAh battery and 16 MP front camera, it is Mi’s best mobile under 20000.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro 128GB

With the mi mobile price in India to be 17,999 Rupees, this is Mi’s best mobile under 20000 with large memory and fast functioning with Snapdragon 732 G.

It has an LED flash and a 5020 mAh battery. There are many other significant features that make it stand out from other smartphones.

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