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By 2022, the worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to exceed $243 billion. In the previous 10 years, total college attendance in the United States has been falling. Thus for the fourteenth year in a row, online student enrolment has been rising. Because of the extraordinary disruption caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, education systems throughout the world have been rattled to their core and compelled to transition to some sort of distant learning. Have you considered using an online professional learning platform to hone your abilities but are unsure of where to begin or how to proceed? As there are several questions that most people consider when searching for the top learning platforms in the globe, what should you choose to help you achieve in your career? We all know that choosing an online course platform for your courses is a big dilemma, and you probably want to look into this option and pick which platform to use before you start building any system. This blog will assist you in selecting the greatest online professional learning platforms in the world. So let’s get started.

What exactly are online professional learning platforms?

An online learning platform is an online portal for educational information and resources that offer a student everything they need in one location – lectures, resources, the opportunity to interact and communicate with other students, and more. Additionally, it’s a great method for the teacher and the student to keep track of the student’s development. Signing up for an online professional learning platform might be the ideal answer for learning a new language or obtaining career-advancing qualifications. Online learning systems are commonly used to deliver online classes.

Benefits of  Online Professional Learning Platforms

For a variety of reasons, online learning is edging out more conventional methods for reaching educational objectives. Take a look at a few advantages of transitioning to an online learning environment.

  • Lack of scheduling restrictions gives you more freedom to balance your work, schooling, and family obligations.
  • You may select your own speed with an online professional learning platform, which gives you a higher chance of fully acquiring and retaining the knowledge in your assignments.
  • By forgoing the daily journey to class, you will not only save on transportation expenses but also on other expenses.
  • Learning online allows you to remove distractions, have a comfortable workstation, and have the materials you need to work with close at hand without having to lug a tonne of items into a classroom.
  • Students have the option of getting in touch with their instructors through phone, live chat, email, or both to ask questions. They can also get feedback to help them enhance their online learning experience.E-learning - Best Online Learning And Tutoring - TutorRoom.net
    List of the world’s best online professional learning platforms 


ecadema is an immersive e-learning platform that links learners with professionally trained trainers in various professions. All around the world via private video chat sessions. Trainers may deliver sessions from any location as long as they have a computer and an internet connection. All professional learning platforms and their trainers must be qualified in the course or certificate in which they are training. Trainers without a certificate are not permitted to use the platform. Users require a Google Chrome browser, a dependable internet connection, and a laptop or desktop with a camera and microphone.


Coursera is a well-known online education portal that provides courses from renowned educational institutions all around the world. The firm has developed fast over the years and now offers the world’s top education standards via MOOC. This online learning platform collaborates with institutions such as Stanford, Duke, Penn, Princeton, Michigan, Peking, and HEC Paris, as well as corporations such as IBM, Google, and PwC. They now work with 190 partners in 48 nations. Kleiner Perkins, New Enterprise Associates, Learn Capital, and SEEK Group is among the platform’s investors.


Skillshare is a free online professional learning platform for students and teachers. The website provides tens of thousands of courses in fields including design, marketing, business, technology, cinema, fashion, music, gaming, food, DIY crafts, and more. Instructors may quickly develop lessons using the platform’s step-by-step instructions. Additionally, this leading online learning platform pays professors for referring students who sign up for the premium package.

Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning) 

Lynda.com is currently a part of LinkedIn Learning, which offers a variety of creative technology and business courses. They have been providing instructive and straightforward video-based training for people, corporations, and academics for over a decade. The website is well-known for training skills such as photography and coding. Currently, the professional learning platforms support over 10,000 firms, including well-known ones like Adobe, Full Sail University, Patagonia, NBC, and USC.


Udemy is a prominent online learning platform that allows people to further their jobs and pursue a range of interests. They provide a wide range of courses, from web programming to public speaking. Booking.com, Lyft, Addidas, and General Mills all adopt Udemy’s business approach. Furthermore, Udemy offers excellent assistance to teachers. They may use re-targeting advertisements, search, discovery, email marketing, external partner, etc. As well as promotion to build, share, and promote their courses.

Is it worth it to opt for online professional learning platforms?

Online professional learning platforms, in general, provide their users with a version of information that is available at their leisure and shared with millions of students globally. It provides worldwide opportunities through collaboration with peers from all around the world. The traditional educational system is more expensive, time-consuming, and has a variety of outcomes as compared to online learning. On the other hand, e-learning is a fast-paced profession that provides students with a number of possibilities, such as a modern, innovative approach to teaching and continuously updated course content.
The value of e-learning is seen in online training for personnel in a variety of businesses. Regularly updated information, low expenses, and the freedom to study comfortably at one’s own speed make it simple for employees to keep up with industry developments.


Online professional learning platforms are the educational platforms of the future. Even once the global health crisis has passed. There will almost certainly be a rush of students seeking to advance their knowledge and careers through self-paced online training. One important benefit of online learning is that you can learn anything! You can enhance your academic career or study something completely different. You may brush up on your soft skills or enroll in art or music production classes that you’ve always wanted to take.
If you’re looking for a program to help you launch a career in any field, ecadema could be a good option. Get in touch with our professional learning platforms for additional details on how to become a specialist by obtaining an online certificate in any subject. We’d be happy to address any queries you have!

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