Bank cleaning: How to clean banks and bank branches?​

Order and hygiene in a bank branch are two of the most necessary elements so that daily work can be carried out correctly.

Order and hygiene in a bank branch are two of the most necessary elements so that daily work can be carried out correctly. Bank cleaning ensures that the facilities that make up the branch are prepared from first thing in the morning to serve users in a clean, orderly environment without strange odors. It is necessary that the cleaning methods are exclusive for each financial institution, responding to the specific needs of banks and branches.

Bank cleaning comprises guaranteeing a branch and bank offices free of dirt so that the people who carry out their daily activity in it can guarantee an image for the public and customers while guaranteeing total hygiene and responsibility. Corporate.

For whom is bench cleaning important?

The recipients of this cleaning and sanitation are three:

  • The workers: the employees of the branch itself, who go to work daily at the bank branch and need to have a suitable work environment that guarantees their health. We relate their productivity to the hygiene in their offices.
  • Customers: the people who are customers of the bank have, among their rights, the need to go to an office that is orderly, hygienic, and clean.
  • The bank as an entity: hygiene and cleanliness are part of the corporate identity of a bank. If users go to an office that is dirty, unsightly, or cluttered, chances are they won’t be a customer any longer. The personal brand of a bank is very relevant and important.

Cleaning services for banks provided by cleaning companies

Financial offices require a fairly high level of cleanliness and hygiene since multiple people coexist daily. To know the type of cleaning that should be carried out in this type of building, it is necessary to analyze the visitor traffic, the characteristics of the premises, the hours, and the personnel.

Bank cleaning companies must ensure that we maintain the required level of cleanliness. It is absolutely necessary that the level of cleanliness has a very high guarantee since both the labor productivity of its employees and the bank’s brand image depend on it.

The tasks to be carried out in a bank branch are:

  • Comprehensive, preventive, and corrective maintenance of the needs that the bank officials may have.
  • Control of files and documents.
  • Cleaning of furniture of specific materials.
  • The dusting of office furniture: tables, chairs, computers, screens, keyboards…
  • Cleaning exterior and interior windows and glass surfaces.
  • Remove dust residue.
  • Specific care treatments for different flooring such as upholstery, parquet, marble, or carpet…
  • 24-hour care for emergencies.
  • Comprehensive cleaning after any work or modification in the bank branch.

Important features of bank office cleaning

The cleaning of banks and bank branches has a series of special characteristics because of the aspects that stand out in this type of office.

  • Bank offices have a characteristic schedule that requires organizing and cleaning. During the morning, there is a lot of activity and it would be very difficult to clean the office with the workers and the clients. Also, cleaning the office with employees in it reduces productivity. It is best to clean benches late in the afternoon when none of the workers are in the office.
  • Each bank branch is a world. Although the material, products, and methods are practically the same, bank cleaning varies from branch to branch. No two offices are the same, so we must take the requests of those responsible for each office into account and we must carry specific methods out to carry out an excellent job.

Steps to follow in cleaning benches

To achieve perfect hygiene in a bank branch, it is advisable to carry out a series of steps and specifications when cleaning.

Before cleaning, it is necessary to check the tasks that must be fulfilled on that day. The cleaning of banks entails a special schedule so as not to coincide with a scheduled open to the public. If there is no direct contact with the person in charge, some form of communication is necessary to check before cleaning the tasks that must be done during the day.

Check the products. Later, the products and materials that are available to proceed with the cleaning should be checked. Garbage bags, extra bags, wet rags, wood protector….

You should always start cleaning from the highest places, such as frames, corners, windows…

Cleaning of office tables. Personal drawers should not be opened and we must take great care of documents stacked on top of the table and in drawers or shelves.

The cleaning of telephones and computer equipment usually requires special cleaning with disinfectant products since the headphones can cause infections of oral diseases, such as colds or flu. To clean the phone, we recommend it to do it with damp cotton, slightly pressing the buttons.

For cleaning computer equipment, a microfiber cloth and an antistatic product are required to clean mice, monitors, and the keyboard. It is very important not to use abrasive cleaning products such as alcohol, acetone, or ammonia on computer equipment as they can be damaged easily. The screen is the most delicate element and care must be taken not to spray the products directly on the screen for the liquid to slip through the edges.

The chairs and armchairs have to be shaken before cleaning. When it is finished, we pass the vacuum cleaner to collect all the dust.

We can clean lamps and tables with a damp cloth and a suitable cleaning product. When there are glass products, we can clean them with a paper towel.

Crystal Cleaning. A bank office usually has, as a general rule, many windows and glazed areas. Cleaning these should be done at the same time as frames, window profiles, handles, and blinds. When the blinds or curtains are removed, the interior frames must be cleaned. If it is a sliding window, clean the dust accumulated in the rails with a vacuum cleaner.

It is very important to vacuum to remove the dust that has accumulated on the edges before proceeding to clean with any product that can moisten the area. Subsequently, the frames can be cleaned with a cloth slightly moistened with an ammonia-based solution if they are aluminum surfaces. If they are wooden frames, it would be important to do it by cleaning water and vinegar.

If you want to know how to clean crystals, do not miss this guide on our blog.

Bench cleaning products

The products to be used for cleaning banks may vary between companies, but there are a series of materials that are essential when cleaning a bank branch.

  • Vacuum cleaner We have mentioned it at various points in our article on cleaning benches and therefore it is essential to collect dust from certain surfaces such as carpets or sofas. It is very practical.
  • Dustpan and broom. Even if you have a vacuum cleaner, these two products will always be essential for any type of cleaning. We need them to clean the floor in-depth and collect any type of waste.
  • Mop and bucket. You can find different mops: Microfiber (with good wear resistance); Cotton (perfect for cleaning hard floors, such as marble); With sponge (ideal to leave the floor with a shiny finish); Circular (they can cover any type of surface and scrub professionally) and Mopa (they are a mixture between a broom and a mop that is used to drag dirt from the floors, dry and polish). The ideal for cleaning benches is to have a cleaning cart that has a compressor bucket to drain the water of total quality.
  • Do you not have adequate material for deep cleaning of your offices?
    If you need an office mop, we recommend you buy this through Amazon. The price is very good and they take it directly to where you are in a matter of 24 hours.
  • Clothes, rags, and clothes. It is important that we renew the rags from time to time. It is also important to have special clothes to clean the dust.

More Cleaning Tools and Product

  • Window cleaner. For cleaning banks, it is important to take glass cleaning into account, since glass plates usually separate the different rooms in the office and sliding glass doors rather than conventional and wooden doors. Glass cleaners clean and decrease professionally and must be used with the help of a clean cloth. There is usually a multi-purpose glass cleaner to remove dirt and facilitate cleaning tasks.
  • Air fresheners are not essential when cleaning, but those responsible for the bank branch will be very grateful if we include them in the bank cleaning plan. Air fresheners are used to remove or control bad odors and achieve a pleasant aroma in offices and offices. Banks usually work with air conditioning, but it never hurts to have an air freshener that improves the office situation. It is very important to choose a scent that is not too strong.
  • Polisher. To achieve a perfect finish on wooden or marble floors, it is very useful to use a waxing machine once I have vacuumed the dust. We should never use the floor polisher when the floor is wet.
  • Detergent. Liquid detergents are excellent for leaving any surface in the bank office clean and they decrease. If you want to achieve a deep cleaning, you can dilute it in water and add a few drops of vinegar when cleaning glass surfaces.
  • Disinfectants. Like ammonia or bleach with which to scrub the floor and some surfaces, for example, in bathrooms. They are special cleaners and degreasers for different surfaces and furniture. They should be used with caution and always used with protective gloves.

Do you not have adequate material for deep cleaning of your offices?

If you need a polisher to clean the floor of your office, we recommend you buy this through Amazon. The price is very good and they take it directly to where you are in a matter of 24 hours.

Bank cleaning machinery

Within bank cleaning, the use of machinery stands out to achieve perfect hygiene and cleaning of the entire branch. At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we have Ozone cleaning with which, thanks to our state-of-the-art machines and the best technology of the moment, we sterilize the air, eliminating all possible contagious diseases and purifying the environment. Ozone is odorless, colorless, and tasteless with which it is possible to completely renew the air.



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