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4 Google Tools To Boost The Performance Of Your Website In 2022

No one escapes the harsh law of Google and if you want it to give your website the visibility it deserves, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is necessary to follow its rules! Good news, Google offers you a multitude of tools to allow you to make your website a real war machine! Discover 4 ESSENTIAL Google tools for an effective website!

1. Google Analytics

This is the most important Google tool you need to have on your website . Google Analytics allows you to precisely track the performance of your website. This free tool allows you to collect key data on your website traffic and visitor behaviour.

How to use Google Analytics?

Create an account and install the tracking tag on your website

First of all, to use Google Analytics on your website, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you must create an account on the platform. Once your account is created you can add a property and generate a tracking code.

This tracking code must be installed on all pages of your website to allow Google Analytics to collect performance data.

The frequentation of your website thanks to the audience report

The audience report allows you to see a lot of data : the number of visitors to your website , whether they are new visitors or returning visitors. You can see the average time spent on your website, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the number of pages viewed per session, the geographical origin of your visitors, etc.

This report allows you to have a very precise idea of the user profiles of your website and to adapt your content accordingly.

Your website’s traffic sources in the “Acquisition” tab

Analytics allows you to identify your traffic sources and determine the proportion of visitors each channel brings you .

In this report you can distinguish the traffic coming from your social networks , Digital Marketing Agency Mohali organic search , referral sites , your paid campaigns on the search network and those who visit your site directly thanks to the URL.

This way you can see if your website traffic is dependent on a channel or identify channels that generate little traffic . Thanks to these data you can plan actions allowing you to act on the generation of traffic.

The journey of your visitors thanks to the “Behaviour” tab

This tab allows you to identify the most visited pages of your website. You can also see how your users navigate through your site and identify exit pages.

This report helps you analyze the behavior of your visitors and allows you to adapt your content and your marketing actions according to the problems identified.

2. Google Search Console

The second Google tool you absolutely must use is the Google Search Console. This tool gives you key data on how your website is performing on the Google search network.

How to use the Google Search Console

To use the Google Search Console , all you have to do is create an account on the platform and add your website . Adding a website to the search console requires a validation procedure . Several methods are possible, thanks to the Analytics code added to your website you can easily validate your property.

Analyze your website’s performance on the search network

The Google Search Console gives you key data like the number of impressions of your website in search results and the number of clicks obtained.

This data , presented in the form of a graph , allows you to easily follow the evolution of the performance of your website on the search network.

Discover the keywords for which your site is referenced

This Google tool allows you to identify the keywords that generated clicks on your pages . You can also see the average ranking of your website on these keywords.

Thanks to the search console you can therefore follow the evolution of your positioning and identify the keywords to work on to improve your referencing.

Track the indexing status of your web pages

The Google Search Console allows you to view the indexing status of your website pages . For your site to appear in Google results, your pages must be included in its index.

Sometimes certain elements prevent the indexing of your pages , the console then indicates the coverage problems and helps you identify the URLs concerned.

You can therefore act quickly on problems related to the operation of your website and optimize the indexing of your site.

Request the indexing of a web page from Google

When you create a new page on your website you can speed up its indexing by making a request directly via the search console. Thus your URL goes into the priority exploration list and will be consulted by robots more quickly.

Facilitate indexing by sending the Sitemap of your website

When you have just created your website, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you can facilitate its indexing by Google thanks to a sitemap file which lists all the URLs of your site. This file makes it easier for Google robots to crawl your website .

You can thus send this Sitemap directly via the Google Search Console.

Identify your internal and external links

The links are part of the determining criteria in the referencing of your website . With the search console you can see how many external links your website has and their anchor texts.

3. Google My Business

If your company has a physical store then Google My Business is an ESSENTIAL tool for your company . This google tool plays a crucial role in your local SEO.

How to use Google My Business?

Google My Business allows you to create and manage the “Google listings” that appear in the search results at the top right.

These listings may have been created automatically by Google , if there is already one for your business you can administer it by requesting its ownership.

If your business listing does not yet exist, you can create one directly via Google My Business.

Work on the local SEO of your business thanks to Google My Business

This listing allows your business to appear in Google Maps . You can add all the information about your company : your contact details, your services, your schedules … You can also add photos of your structure and your products.

This Google My Business listing is very easy to administer and allows you to easily add news about your company.

Respond to customer reviews

Google reviews of your business are linked to your Google My Business listing. You can’t receive reviews without having a listing and you can’t respond to reviews without having access to them.

Through Google My Businessyou will be able to control what is said about your business, respond to positive or negative reviews and report offensive reviews.

View your monthly performance reports

Each month Google My Business sends you a report of your listing’s performance . You are informed of route requests , visits to your site and calls made via your file.

4. Google Ads

Google Ads is truly an indispensable tool for the referencing of your website. Both in the context of paid referencing but also for your natural referencing.

Find relevant keywords with the Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner allows you to generate keyword ideas based on your products or services.

Google ads gives you crucial information like monthly search volume  and keyword competition.

You can thus target the most relevant keywords for the SEO of your website.

Paid SEO campaigns

Ads on the search network thanks to “search” campaigns

Google ads allows you to obtain a position of choice in the search results thanks to the “search” campaigns.

When launching a site, it can be interesting to set up paid referencing campaigns to appear at the top of natural search results and generate traffic on your site.

Display ads for brand awareness

Google Ads also allows you to increase the notoriety of your company thanks to visual advertisements broadcast on its network of partner sites . You can use these banner ads to highlight your brand or products and drive traffic to your site.

Google Shopping

If you have an e-commerce site then the “Google Shopping” feature may interest you to promote your products. Google allows you to display your products in its “shopping” tab . To do this, you will need to import your product sheets into Google Merchant Center and create campaigns in Google Ads.

Your product sheets will therefore be displayed in Google Shopping.

Boost the performance of your website!

These 4 Google tools are truly essential to monitor and improve the performance of your website.

Google is ruthless when it comes to positioning your website. On the other hand, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it becomes your best friend when it comes to analyzing the performance of your site ! Google provides you with very powerful tools to help you always optimize your website.

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